Why Cryptocurrency Is Good for SEO and Business

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Bitcoin LaptopOver the past few years, we have heard quite a bit about the emerging technology known as cryptocurrency. It involves some fancy variations of concepts we already know – money, wallets, currency creation and risk – but for the average consumer or business, the minutiae isn’t necessarily important. While only a handful of individuals were using cryptocurrency in 2010, it is reported that millions of people from all over the world have now traded cryptos or used them in some form of currency. With that being said, why is cryptocurrency a good idea for SEO enthusiasts and businesses alike? We’ll discuss a few simple points below in order to provide justification for this belief.

Easy Links (and Plenty of Them)

While the trading and use of cryptocurrencies has exploded in recent years, relatively few businesses accept them as of now. Because of this, a plethora of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other crypto directories have been created that provide individuals who have coins to spend a list of all vendors that accept them. Not only is this a good idea for those who want to be pinging links from other established websites, but the acceptance of this currency will also provide businesses with a select clientèle that few others can capture at the moment. From the perspective of SEO and business, easy links to a targeted market is hard to reject.

Short/Long-term Potential

One of the biggest advantages (and disadvantages) to cryptocurrencies is the volatility that said markets can experience. Those who bought just $100 of Bitcoin in 2009, for instance, would have $400,000 worth of currency as of today, assuming they had held onto them the entire time. Despite the prognosticated total collapse of the concept, multiple currencies have experienced large boom and bust cycles that have created plenty of millionaires (and wiped out others). It is not uncommon for newer currencies or those in flux to jump in price by as much as 25% in a single day. For businesses that can afford to take a bit of risk with a fraction of their profits in exchange for potentially huge rewards, accepting cryptocurrencies is a good idea.

Lots of Potential Keywords

Any business that offers cryptocurrency as an alternative for payment will not only be able to generate a variety of backlinks, but can also find plenty of niche SERPs for pinging links as well. You will find that many different cryptocurrency-related search terms have merely a few hundred thousand results – the ideal target for many keyword researchers. You can create even more potential niche search terms by including more specific industry-related words. Whatever you offer, it is safe to assume that a few people every day search for a business that provides that product or service and that offers cryptocurrency as a form of payment.


Cryptocurrency comes with risks – both in handling and storing – but those who want to find new and exciting ways to boost SEO performance and attract new clientèle may find it to be a useful possibility.

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