The Easiest SEO Tweaks You Can Make Right Now

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Anyone who has been juggling all of the responsibilities of search engine optimization knows that the path is anything but easy. With so many nuanced considerations to manage and a plethora of competitors attempting the same, building a formidable search presence takes a ton of time and energy.

Furthermore, many of the most popular forms of SEO require patience in addition: results cannot often be expected in a manner of days or weeks. It is for this reason that SEO is not for everybody, and why many focus on other forms of paid and organic marketing. However, not all SEO tweaks take ages or tons of effort to produce results.

Today, we’ll examine the easiest SEO tweaks you can make right now that will begin delivering results quickly.

Optimize Your Analytics

Any website that’s lacking a set of diagnostic solutions and analytical software cannot perform to the best of its ability. By being able to measure a key variety of statistics, generate reports and otherwise analyze traffic patterns and behaviors, you can determine whether or not any efforts – organic or paid – are delivering results.

Most notably, analytics can help you uncover whether any previous or current SEO tactics are delivering results. From monitoring your current rankings in search results to pinging servers for traffic statistics, there are many reasons why installing, activating and optimizing your analytics solutions is an easy and worthwhile SEO tweak to make.

Improve Internal Links

Building links from other websites to your pages is an obvious SEO tactic that delivers results, but it’s not the only link building exercise to consider. In just a few minutes’ time, you can create a stronger connection between your own pages that furthers these goals.

How and where your pages link internally plays a huge role in long-term SEO performance. Likewise, even those inbound links you’ve earned only will provide limited value if there aren’t valuable internal links to keep visitors on-site and showing search engines the relevance of your content.

Ultimately, you’re not being asked to link every page to every other page, but any relevant page connections you can make without overwhelming the look and feel of your website should be considered and implemented as soon as possible.

Boost Page Speed

Another quick and effective tactic that can dramatically boost SEO outcomes is to focus on the speed of your website and its pages. Loading times are a critical component that search engines evaluate when determining rankings: after all, most search traffic is mobile-based and with limited bandwidth and speed for consumers in these situations, faster loading pages are preferred.

If search engines are pinging servers for your website and find pages take longer than around two seconds to load, then this is a big problem. Fortunately, optimizing page speed isn’t difficult and can be done in a number of ways. From reducing file sizes without quality loss to deleted unused plugins and apps, there are many ways to boost page speed (keep in mind that your website can only be as fast as your hosting provider allows, though).

In the end, optimizing a new or existing website for better SEO performance can be done in dozens of different ways. However, if you’re looking for a few quick improvements that don’t require copious amounts of effort, then utilize the above recommendations and help your search presence get the recognition it deserves!


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