What is SSL and Should You Implement It?

If you work online as a small business or website owner, then you need to know what SSL is and why you should implement it. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is incredibly important for anyone that wants to work, sell and buy, online. SSL is what keeps yours and your client’s information confidential while it travels around computer networks throughout the world.

Even if you do not need or use credit card information on your site, there is plenty of other information that you and your customers will want to keep private. Here is why you should be implementing SSL.

SSL Allows a Website to Be Trusted

You can tell when a browser is running SSL as it can give the viewer visual clues. This includes websites that have a green bar in the search area of the web browser, or have the lock icon somewhere on the screen or beside the website address.

This makes users trust the website more and therefore builds up a better trusting relationship between the client and a business. When you implement SSL, you will be given a trust seal, which will provide your customers with the trust they need to use your website and provide sensitive information.

SSL Allows Sensitive Information to Be Encrypted

As information is sent via the internet, it can be passed through many different computers and servers to get where it needs to be. The main reason that many companies implement SSL is because it provides end-to-end encryption. This means that from the customers sending their details, until it gets to you, the recipient, it will be fully encrypted so that nobody else can view it.

As many people are worried about where their data and information goes, knowing that you provide end-to-end encryption is vital. Those who want to pay for something online want to know their details are safe, otherwise they will use another provider. If you do not want to lose out on custom, or risk having credit card details stolen, you should be using an SSL certificate.

An SSL Certificate Provides Authentication

If you have ever bought something online, you may have noticed that you need to provide authentication. This is another level of security that helps you to trust a website and be sure that your details will not be stolen. Authentication happens when you are finishing a transaction and often your bank will jump in, asking for some information to prove that this transaction is in fact you.

In fact, without an SSL certificate, you are failing to follow The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which all businesses, however large or small, need to adhere to. Having an SSL Certificate from a trusted provider is essential to pass any audits made. Without this, your website could be shut down.

As you can see, an SSL should be implemented to ensure end-to-end encryption and to build a trusting relationship between you and clients. If you work online, keep your data safe with SSL.

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