Three (More) Quick Ways to Monitor Your SEO Campaign’s Success (Part 2)

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Search Engine Optimization-411106_960_720With so many tactics now being used to monitor and improve search engine optimization campaigns, it can feel overwhelming to read about them all – let alone implement them. SEO is a process that takes plenty of time to do right, and this makes it even more frustrating for those involved with managing blogs, websites and online businesses. Fortunately, once a proper SEO campaign is in place, the maintenance required to improve and grow its performance is less overwhelming. Today, we’re providing you with three more recommendations in our three-part guide on how to properly and quickly monitor gradual improvements in your SEO campaign.

Monitor Your Site Speed

It is all too easy to focus on specific search engine-related terms and optimizations, but management of your website or blog’s basic elements is important, too. Website speed is one important metric that many forget. The speed of a website has been shown to affect how highly a website or brand ranks in search, so it is very important that you select your web provider carefully. Pinging servers with slow response times will also frustrate search engine users who come to your site, and lead to higher bounce rates. While the jury is still out on whether bounce rates can directly impact SEO performance, it is at the very least responsible for a loss in valuable traffic in a direct sense. There are many different tools available that can help you assess overall page loading times and site speed.

Evaluate Number of Pages Indexed

Search engine optimization is in part about being picked up and indexed by as many search engines as possible. The more pages that you have on your website, the more opportunities you have to be seen and inserted into search engines by a variety of their users. As you continue to promote search engine optimization efforts throughout your website, you could keep tabs on how many pages are being indexed by Google, Bing and others. Over time, this number should be increasing as you add more and more pages. It will also provide you with insight in the form of determining which pages have not yet been indexed. You can then begin troubleshooting to determine why these pages have not been indexed.

Boost Your Landing Page Count

Landing pages have been used for years in pinging servers on social media and beyond with ads and conversion pitches. These pages then direct users to more information or collect information from those who arrive, in the hopes that a product can be sold or valuable details can be collected. Landing pages are also great ways in which to boost your overall SEO prowess, as they can help improve the overall linking synergy between various pages on your site. Additionally and as always, landing pages help make it easier to deliver marketing pitches via social media, email and in search results across the web. With landing pages being created and promoted in your SEO efforts, you can easily kill two birds with one stone.

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