Viral Marketing – Is It As Hard As Everyone Claims?

Gone Viral SignThere might not be a better way to spread a message, attract customers and gain attention than through use of viral marketing. The exact variables of each viral marketing campaign are different, leaving many wondering how they can effectively implement their own campaign and gain the views and hits of people from all over the world. No matter what subject you may be addressing, some aspects of viral marketing are universal. We have put together a list of several items to consider when attempting to launch your very own viral marketing campaign, giving you a solid idea of what it will take.

Be Completely Open

Viral marketing is by definition supposed to spread like wildfire. How can it, however, if you are requiring your visitors to register or provide information in order to see the content? These types of advertising campaigns work differently than traditional “click here and give me your email address” campaigns, so be sure that there are no restrictions being imposed on your visitors. For anyone viewing or sharing your video or other viral content, it should be a simple one-click interface that allows them to share and view the content without intrusion or hassle.

Go Outside the Idea

If you are wanting to draw attention to your newest product or service, then viral marketing is a great way to do so. However, you should not attempt to make the video about the subject directly. Many successful viral marketing campaigns rely on attracting visitors based on a story or plot that has little to do with the product they are advertising. If you are wanting to debut a new line of shoes, for example, you can feature them in the campaign but not as the target of it. When people attempt to discover who is behind the video, they will learn more about your website or company.

Be Provocative

Viral campaigns that stick out go places, and those that cover the mundane tend to be total flops. Do not be afraid to address controversial issues and topics when attempting to garner coverage; most successful viral campaigns play on the strings of disbelief or anger in order to spread their message. Some themes that may prove helpful include social and political beliefs, violence and action that may or may not be deemed real. In reference to the last topic mentioned, viral videos that cannot be authenticated tend to spread even faster as viewers ask their friends to view and weigh in on whether or not the actions seen in the video are real.

Keep Track of Your Progress

By hosting your campaign directly from a website that is under your control, you can easily view and see how your campaign is progressing. If you share via Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to see how many people have shared or retweeted your campaign message (although some may do so without officially sharing or retweeting it). Using a tool such as Pingler’s Backlink Checker, you will also be able to see how many sites around the web are currently linking to the URL of the campaign, giving you greater analytic ability to see just how far your message has spread.

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