Use These Tips to Improve Interaction with Mobile Visitors

Mobile VisitorsIn the past, the overwhelming majority of traffic – if not all of it – originated from one location. The desktop computer has been a mainstay of internet access since the dawn of the world wide web and continues to be a powerful force. Many blogs and websites still cater to this segment of internet traffic almost exclusively, but times have changed. A majority of those who use search engines to find your website will be using mobile devices, and they expect a user experience that accommodates this reality. Whether you’re looking for more engagement on blog posts, increased sales or something entirely different, continue reading to discover how you can improve interaction with your mobile visitors.

Provide Click to Call

When your customers or visitors need to get in touch with you, they may come to your website looking for contact information. If they’re on a desktop, then they’ll likely either send you an email or call you from their phone. But what about mobile users? Pinging links with your phone number on every page of your site is a great way to ensure that mobile users can effortlessly connect with you in seconds. By using click to call, you’ll ensure that fewer mobile users leave your site in the pursuit of more mobile-friendly options. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to field questions in real-time and engage more with your mobile visitors?

Utilize Mobile Features

There are many different benefits to using a mobile device, but most brands have not adapted their websites to take advantage of this. For instance, location assisted search can be one great way to save time for users who would otherwise need to fill out extra information whenever completing forms on your site. Another awesome feature to consider implementing is mobile responsive design. Google and other search engines are already effectively requiring this update due to changes in their search engine algorithms, but the changes will benefit your website in many other ways: namely, you’ll have a much more satisfied user base that can comment, share, purchase and otherwise engage with the website without being inconvenienced by a desktop-prominent web design.

Be Engaged on Social Media

Since mobile users are disproportionately more likely to use social media on a regular basis, interacting with them as much as possible can only be done if you meet them where they congregate. Through Facebook, Twitter and a variety of other social media platforms, you should be pinging links to your content – as well as the occasional off-topic or entertaining post – as often as possible. When coupled with an effective paid marketing strategy on social media, you’ll be able to generate more discussion both on social media and on your website. It is important to remember that social media revolves around the “social” concept. Since mobile users are so likely to use it, you can kill two birds with one stone by being active in this arena.

While mobile users may be just like desktop users in many regards, how you reach them via the internet can be different. By utilizing mobile features on your website, providing click to call and other mobile-friendly communication options, and engaging on social media, you’ll be able to dramatically improve the quality and quantity of interaction with mobile users.

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