Are You Using the Pingler HTML Encrypter?

EncrypterThe Pingler HTML Encrypter is a free, web based tool that is used to encrypt and obfuscate your website’s source code so visitors to your site cannot easily view and read it.  Normally, viewing HTML coding that makes up web sites is very easy to do.  What this means is that anyone visiting your site can see what code is being used to present and create the structure for your website.  There are times where you might not want everyone being able to so easily read your source code such as:

  • Preventing images from being hotlinked
  • Preventing visitors from inserting their own affiliate ID’s in affiliate links
  • Protecting your source code from robots
  • Preventing your code from being stolen and copied by other webmasters

Website Building Takes Time

For many webmasters, building and designing a quality website isn’t simply a project that can be done in a few minutes or an afternoon even.  Many hours are spent planning every detail carefully, writing scripts, uploading images, creating and testing links and scripts.  A lot of care and man hours are put into creating a website, and a lot more is put into making sure that everything is just right and running perfectly not to mention has a distinguishing look all its own.  That’s why you don’t want any unscrupulous webmasters to come to your site thinking “hey, this design is pretty good!  I think I’ll copy it” then copy and steal your source code for their own web sites, possibly even selling a product competing against yours.

Why Use The Pingler HTML Encrypter?

Scripts while some of them appear simple, can actually be quite complex on the back end and can take a lot of time to write and build.  By using the Pingler HTML Encrypter you can obfuscate your scripts so that they can’t be copied and used on other websites.  The same thing works on your source code.  You can also use the Pingler HTML Encrypter to encrypt the HTML for your images, to prevent them being stolen and used on other sites as well as to prevent hotlinking directly to an image.  This way if you have a popular image, you won’t have to worry about using excessive bandwidth from people hot linking to it and serving it on their sites while using your bandwidth.

An Essential Tool

The Pingler HTML Encrypter has become an essential tool for webmasters in order to remain competitive over the competition, especially if you have a script that will give you an advantage over them.  It is common place for webmasters to visit competing websites for ideas or to see how they are accomplishing tasks and picking up tricks from them.  Any script or code that gives your site the edge over your competition is at risk of being stolen.  Protecting your site with HTML encryption is now necessary.

Of course, there is no way to 100% completely protect your source code, even if it is encrypted, but the Pingler HTML encrypter will make it much harder for people to crack and steal your code.

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