Turn Your Instagram Presence Into a Reliable Source of Traffic

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Instagram is growing faster than ever before – especially with the uncertainty surrounding social media platforms like TikTok. Getting in on the action is vital for online brands seeking to generate lasting impressions and permanent presences on social media. Even for brands that have yet to tap into the power of Instagram, it’s not too late.

Yet what is your brand using Instagram for, and what benefits off-site are being generated? Many may not know it, but Instagram can be a vital source of traffic to websites and landing pages. Today, we’ll explore how you can turn your brand’s Instagram presence into a consistent and reliable source of traffic for off-site endeavors.

Use Your Bio Link as an Opportunity

One of the basic fields of information in an Instagram profile is the bio section. In this section, users are able to add a link that points to their website. However, this link doesn’t have to be static: you can change it on a whim, along with other bio information.

By pinging users with a rotating series of bio links and descriptions relevant to the links in question, you can drive a small additional amount of traffic to your page(s) that you otherwise wouldn’t receive. This can also be a great way to drive traffic to important but otherwise new or low-traffic pages.

Pepper Your Stories with Relevant Links

Instagram Stories offer an excellent way for influencers and brands to promote specific content for a 24-hour period. When this feature is fully enabled, users can swipe or click the “see more” option in order to be taken to the linked page of your choice. However, this direct feature is only available to those who have earned at least 10,000 followers or who have reached verified status.

Still, your Instagram Stories can include regular links that are relevant to the topic(s) you’re covering. Even if people have to be more intrigued in order to click, a successful brand on Instagram can frame a narrative in such as way as to drive a bit more traffic to their pages through this method.

Take Advantage of Instagram Highlights

The sad reality of Instagram Stories is that they only remain featured for one day. After that, you’ll lose any valuable traffic potential they offered. However, there is a way to circumvent this: Instagram Story Highlights!

While some stories aren’t inherently worth the effort of preserving via this method, brands and influencers can easily group select stories under the Highlights feature and have them be visible for as long as they’d like. Whether it be fresh content that retains relevance for some time or a major one-time announcement, adding links to these stories that’ll be pinging users can retain long-term value through the use of Instagram Highlights. Brands have the ability to use a variety of stories in their Highlights section or focus on just one that is believed to have the highest traffic-driving potential.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks on the planet. Of course it can be a valuable component in driving traffic to your website, just like search engines and other social media platforms. With these tips, you can incorporate links into key segments of your profile and help push traffic to pages on your website that are worth the clicks.

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