How to Convince Clients (or Yourself) That SEO Is Valuable

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Despite the widespread understanding of search engine optimization’s importance, there are many brands that do not fully grasp its potential or purpose. SEO firms and specialists in particular discover this reality when working with clients, as the average business may not grasp the true technical nature and complex patterns of action that deliver additional traffic through relatively passive means.

Even those who do understand the value may become frustrated with a lack of progress over time. This can lead to brands forgoing professional help in the belief that the benefits will be minimal.

Ultimately, individuals seeking to partner with a SEO firm and brands that wish to pursue their own independent efforts must be aware of the strategy’s effectiveness. Let’s look at the best arguments in outlining SEO’s true value.

Remind Them of How Internet Traffic Works

The biggest selling point of SEO frankly revolves around the simple reality of how the internet works. No website, blog or brand presence can function properly – let alone thrive – without a steady stream of traffic. Without such traffic, you might as well be pinging links and pages into the great beyond: people have to see the content in order for it to do its job.

SEO is rooted in bolstering search engine traffic, which remains to this day the predominant source for web traffic. Brands cannot simply give up on SEO without a solid marketing strategy that usually involves spending lots of money on PPC campaigns, whether that be via search or social media.

One way or another, brands will spend money on visibility: this can be done either through constant expenditures via paid marketing, or targeted long-term investments via SEO that deliver for months and years beyond the investment.

Remind Them of the SEO-Marketing Connection

Every brand understands the value of marketing and how it can shape the appearance and perception of a particular brand. SEO in many respect is no different than other forms of paid marketing in that it can help cultivate a positive first impression for your brand. Many people who would otherwise never come across your website can find it in relevant search results when you embrace SEO strategies. Because of this, it is arguably just another form of marketing.

However and unlike paid forms of marketing, finding a brand, blog or business via search results inspires more trust and confidence. When people see ads on social media or in search, they know that brands have paid for these impressions. When people discover brands via organic search, they are more likely to trust the brand itself and accept its claims at face value.

Remind Them of the Relevance

Last but not least, it is important for brands to remember how targeted and relevant audiences are that find websites via select search results. Whereas advertising via PPC campaigns often revolves around targeting audiences based on potential interests, SEO ensures that the people who are seeing your brand are looking for those solutions right here and now. This can be especially effective for brands who are pinging links to products and services, as the conversion rates undoubtedly are higher via SEO than through PPC.

The true value of SEO is hard to evaluate, but the benefits are tangible and easily understood. Whether you are convincing a prospective client or yourself of this fact, SEO is valuable due to the sheer traffic it can drive to your website, the relevance of the audiences that see your content and the commonalities between it and broader marketing strategies. With this information, you’ll be able to make a much better case – even if it’s just to convince yourself!


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