The Basics of Building a Niche Website

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Niche BuildingWith so many bloggers now earning part-time or full-time incomes from their online projects, others have wondered if they can find a career in the world of blogging and e-commerce. While some have attempted to build large-scale websites that address a variety of topics, the most common success stories originate from the development and maintenance of niche websites and blogs – portals that deal with one very particular subject. These creations can help reach targeted audiences and when replicated many times over, can result in large revenue streams for the bloggers and webmasters involved. Before you build a niche website, though, you may want to know the basics. Below, we will discuss these so that you can start off on the right foot.

Pick Your Subject

Obviously the most important part of the upstart process, you will want to select a subject that can be both competitive and targeted enough to avoid being in an over-saturated market. Generally, it is advised that you select a subject that is at least somewhat interesting to you as a writer – when you move into an overly complicated or uninteresting subject, remember that you will have to consistently generate relevant content in order to be successful: can you do this when you are not enthusiastic about the subject? If you are pinging search engines with lackluster content, your (potential) readers probably won’t be able to find you in the first place.

Create a Backstory

When you write for a niche blog or website, how do you wish to be perceived? We generally advise against using your real name: many bloggers take this one step further. If you create a persona or character that is writing for your niche website, then you have a bit of freedom in multiple aspects. One great thing is that you do not have to worry about multiple writers if you create content under a generic moniker. Another benefit is that you can create a fictitious persona and build a story around this character’s involvement with the subject material. In many cases, this can make the niche website all that more exciting to readers and subscribers.

Vary Up the Content

Whether you are running an e-commerce model or a simple affiliate blog, the need for a variety of different type of contents is still present. Some of your pieces may be simple editorial content, while others can be reviews, infographics and how-tos. Regardless of choice, there is always an opportunity to incorporate some affiliate links or referrals into the equation. Even if your niche site pertains to a storefront model, you will want to have sections that provide reviews and other types of information on the products you provide.


Any niche website will consist of three things: a solid topic that is free from over-saturation, a backstory and creative elements to make it more interesting and a variety of content that appeals to a wide swath of readers. Once these elements have been planned and are in place, you can then begin pinging search engines with the goal of becoming the next big niche website.

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