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ConversationAll too many webmasters, marketers and bloggers regularly complain about the number of conversions that their websites produce, and with good reason. Many websites out there significantly underperform their ability to generate leads and turn those impressions into something more powerful, but many do not realize why this is. At the core of every failing website when it comes to conversions, there is a lack of user accommodation. Websites that users do not find appealing do not convert, and this is the number one element most will face when improving performance. But what elements go into successful websites that perform as intended? We’ll discuss some of these elements below to help you figure out the basics of proper conversion configuration and begin boosting conversions today.

Improve User Experience

As mentioned, this is the number one reason why websites do so poorly in the conversion category. The best part about this is that it does not take much money or time to correct. It can be difficult, however, to view your site as an everyday visitor would – after all, you’ve spent ample time viewing each page, pinging search engines and testing features, so you probably just assume that everyone will find things as intuitive as you do. There are a variety of tools out there that you can use to test mobile theme functionality, social media integration and other areas commonly prone to cause conversion loss. You may also wish to procure the services of a third-party to inspect your website for usability; a fresh set of eyes on the matter never hurts.

Simplify Calls to Action

Some marketers try to cover their bases by using multiple calls to action – and even multiple calls to action on the same landing page. This is an absolute no-no and will cause your visitors to bounce like crazy. Your one call to action should be clear and concise, and there should never be confusion about which action or angle the user is to take or understand. The best way to do this is to check your site and verify whether or not everything is above the fold, and how long it will take an average visitor to encounter your call to action. This process should never take more than a few seconds for the customer or visitor, so make sure it is streamlined.

Brand Yourself with Trust

Anyone who has been involved with marketing or content creation for a long time knows that many people do not pay attention to each piece of content, but rather, focus on skimming for important details. This is why you’ll see so many websites out there with a variety of trust icons and badges. Much like pinging search engines with quality content helps produce better rankings, pinging the minds of your readers with badges from trusted organizations, providing money-back guarantee icons and merchant connections in easy-to-spot formats helps boost conversions. You don’t want to avoid doing this – even if it takes up some valuable web space – as it can have a very noticeable effect on your conversion rates.

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