How to Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market

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Whether you are looking for your very first career job out of school, or if you’ve been in the workforce for year and are ready to find a new job – it can be scary and overwhelming. Help wanted ads can result in hundreds of resumes being submitted, which makes it hard to stand out and get noticed. Before getting too discouraged you may want to take a look at these tips on how to stand out in a crowded job market.

Work Towards Being an Industry Leader

We understand market branding when it comes to companies and products, but branding can also be applied to yourself. Becoming a leader or an “expert” in your field can help you to create a brand for yourself so you are recognizable. Ways to do this include starting your own blog, speaking at conferences/seminars, and networking as much as possible.

Another avenue to make your presence known is on social media. This includes a LinkedIn profile, Twitter, and Facebook. Your profiles should all be linked to one another, it also provides a place you can link back to your blog.

Include a Photo

While this may seem a bit out of the norm, including a profile photo can really help to create your professional image. There is no reason you can’t include a professional looking photo with your resume and on your social media sites.

Have a Dedicated Work Email Address

It’s wise to set up a dedicated work email address that you use to network and speak with potential employers from. This is also the address you’ll want to use when sending resumes. Make sure the email address you select is professional and ideally includes your name.

Steer Clear of Touchy Subjects

Of course, this should go without saying, but your resume and your LinkedIn profile are not the spot to get political and start sharing opinions. Keep it strictly professional and work under the assumption that potential employers are taking a look at your content.

Create an Online Portfolio

Where is used to be that people would submit a hard-copy portfolio to potential employers, there is now a much easier solution. Opt for an online portfolio that people can view and fill it with all your best work.

Show Off Your Creative Side

Another sure-fire way to get noticed is to let your creativity shine. Even if the job isn’t necessarily a “creative” one, employers always appreciate someone that goes that extra mile and gets creative. It helps you to stand out from the crowd of mundane and rather repetitive resumes that businesses get flooded with.

Stay Positive and Let Your Accomplishments Shine

As you work to find that perfect job you’ll find that at times it can be hard to stay positive and focused, but that’s exactly what you’ll need to do in order to succeed. By using these tips, you will be able to let your accomplishments, skills, and experience shine and grab the attention of potential employers.

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