Social Media Branding: Why a Consistent Online Presence is Important

Social Media TabletSocial media is a big part of a brand’s internet marketing campaign and online presence. The top social networking sites are useful for more than just generating traffic. They are great places to build your brand and maintain a strong online presence. Of course, it is also necessary to maintain a consistent online presence across these platforms. We are going to take a look at the reasons why a consistent online presence is important in this article.

A Stronger, More Personal Relationship

One of the advantages of being on social media is the ability to connect and interact with users directly. Don’t just stop at providing users with social media-based customer care. Be part of their everyday life and interact with users on a more personal level.

Through a consistent online presence, it is easy for users to relate to your brand. Create a set of branding elements and characteristics that users can instantly recognise everywhere. They will feel right at home whether they’re browsing through your site or enjoying the latest videos on the brand’s YouTube channel.

Consistency also makes maintaining these relationships easier. Your brand can continue to push high quality content and users will keep coming back for more.

Love at First Sight

Maintaining a consistent online presence means your users will always be able to recognise your brand no matter where you are.

Your online handle is a good example. Let’s say you use YourBrand to represent your brand on all social media platforms. With a consistent branding and well-maintained online presence, it will not be difficult for users to find you on these platforms.

They will instinctively type @YourBrand, or search for YourBrand on Snapchat when they need to connect with you on social media. The same goes for the brand’s website; users will always try first and being able to find you on that address creates the best first impression.

We all know how important first impressions are in branding. When a brand is that easy to find, users it will be much easier to connect with users on a broader scope.

Improved Trust and Better Crisis Management

A consistent online presence will also boost your brand’s credibility. You don’t even have to work hard (or pay) to get verified on social media, because the consistent user experience will do all of the hard work for you. A credible brand is one that users can trust. The rest is downhill from there.

A high level of trust will make handling a crisis and potential problems a lot easier to do. When an issue finally hits your brand, reassuring customers through multiple social media platforms and managing the whole crisis will be so much easier.

Users can find the correct information on the crisis, and know exactly what to do – or how to react – based on consistent information coming from the brand. A bigger problem can be avoided more easily. Good credibility and the previous reasons we talked about earlier are why a consistent online presence is critically important for a brand.

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