A Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Ad Click Through Rate

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Ad click through rateThose who are using affiliate programs such as Google Adwords and Facebook advertising may be frustrated at the response rates they are receiving in terms of click throughs. This is a common problem many webmasters face – each website, business or venture must experiment with their advertising in order to work out all the kinks and get their messages across to users. For those who have been tweaking their ads but are not getting the desired results, we have put together a simple guide for improving response rates and getting your business or website the attention it deserves.

Built-in Invisibility

This is the biggest problem that ad campaigns face: pre-programmed invisibility. What exactly does this mean? For many, the habit of ignoring ads has become a subconscious element of browsing. Used to seeing so many ads – in particular, ads that appear in the same place (think search engines) – some users will simply fail to recognize your ad because they have adapted to ignore them in the first place. This is very common and it has been shown that a majority of users will not click on an ad that appears in a pre-defined advertisement area on sites like Google. Unfortunately, you have very little control over this element of ad campaigns.

Counter the Obscurity

Knowing that many simply ignore your ads by nature, you now must find a way to compensate. Particularly helpful if you are pinging links by themselves, you must up the ante by crafting words that grab the reader’s attention. We recommend avoiding obnoxious elements such as all caps and excessive punctuation (!!!) and instead opt for using colourful wording that will stick out to the reader. It’s also good to remember that even though users may be ignoring your ads by default, they are still seeing them. By being clever, you can use wording that attracts the reader’s eyes and makes them zero in on your ad.

Marketing Your Content

By matching your ad campaign to reflect the content of your site, your click through rate will skyrocket. While this simple explanation may sound simple, it requires careful planning and testing to get just right. People click on your ads for one reason: they are interested in your content. You do not want people clicking on your ads who will not find your site appealing, so you must combine the subject material of your site with creative elements to convince readers that your site is worth viewing. Whether you are offering a product, service or simply information, be sure to jazz up the presentation and make it desirable.


If you are pinging sites like Google and Facebook with various ads, only time and experience will give you the best results. You must overcome the natural avoidance people engage in when it comes to looking at ads, as well as beat out any competition that is vying for the same people’s attention. At the end of it all, however, practice makes perfect. By incorporating creative elements, bold vocabulary and most importantly, quality content, you will be able to increase your click through rate on advertisements and build a top-notch ad campaign.

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  1. January 3rd, 2013 23:51

    Before a person opens his browser, he knows already where to go and what to do online. Thus making ad campains unappealing to him. There’s only a 1% possibility for a person to click your ad unless your campaign will bring him to his next destination.


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