Build Your Review Clout on iTunes with These Straightforward Tips

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Musical InstrumentsPodcasts have been around for quite some time, with their popularity waxing and waning depending on the year. Recently, podcasts became all the rage once again and content creators are looking for every way imaginable to expand their content kingdoms. Anyone can make a podcast with relative ease and upload it to their website or audio hub like iTunes, but generating more traffic, interest and search clout takes much more work. Many people use iTunes as one way to get their podcasts in front of millions of potential listeners and subscribers. If you are looking for ways to get more listeners to rate and review your podcasts on iTunes, then continue reading to figure out some straightforward ways for doing so.

Link to iTunes from Other Sources

Your podcast should be featured on iTunes, but it should also be available on your website, in social media posts and on other platforms such as YouTube. Every location in which your podcast is shared is an opportunity to be pinging URLs to your iTunes podcast in the form of review requests. Many individuals do not think about leaving reviews because they are simply not asked. However, in the instances in which your podcast is shared across multiple platforms, it is simply a matter of not encountering a platform through which reviews can be left. By asking for the review and linking directly to iTunes, you can increase the number of chances you have as successfully obtaining more reviews.

Enlist Your Fans

Every circulated podcast will have natural followers who anxiously await the next update. These individuals can be a very helpful source in the fight for more iTunes reviews: why not enlist their services? Not only is it a good idea to ask your hardcore fans to leave reviews via social media pleas, email pitches and other formats, but it is an even better idea to ask them to help promote your podcasts (along with pleas for more reviews). Many supporters of podcasts will gladly reach out to fans and fellow listeners – but they’ll only do it if asked. This can be a double-whammy in terms of boosting reviews from your supporters and reaching new audiences through their efforts to promote your podcast.

Ask for the Right Reviews

Not every review is created equally on iTunes. Some reviews may simply provide a boost in quality or score, but others will convey to those browsing iTunes just how much your podcast has to offer. Boosting the clout of your reviews in many ways means ensuring that they are meaningful and resonate with people who see them. When asking for reviews from listeners, be sure to articulate what exactly you wish they’d review. Whether it be on the overall quality or specific topics that are covered, never be afraid to ask for specifics when pinging URLs to users in the form of requests. This will ensure that everyone who sees them learns more about your podcast from the onset and makes their decision to listen based on that.

By enlisting your fans, asking for specific criteria to be covered in reviews and linking to your iTunes


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