Making Money Online – Part Two

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Money OnlineContinuing our popular money-making theme, read on to find out all about the different ways you can join the hordes of people who are already making themselves a handsome living using the web.


That dusty old cupboard could hold countless treasures that other people are desperate for so eBay offers a great impetus for having a good old clear out. But why stop there? There are so many ways to make money from eBay if you have the time to dedicate to it.

Why not try to find a niche of things that are popular but few people are selling in them? If you have specialist knowledge, put it to good use and start selling related products. Before too long, you could set up your own shop on your own website and give up the day job. But beware, it does take a lot of hard work and usually some investment, so be prepared to really commit if you want a full time income.

You could also start selling other people’s junk on eBay for them. Advertise to do house clearances (though you’ll need a van for this) and you might unearth some valuable items for reselling.


Yes, it’s obvious but it deserves a mention. You can’t actually beat good, old-fashioned work for making money. The difference here is that you can use the web to find the work and do it from the comfort of your own home.

Ever heard of text question services? If you’ve ever sat in a pub debating how many times Liza Minnelli has been married or whether David Hasselhoff is actually German, these services are a life-saver. Well okay, not a life-saver but they’re pretty handy. They will answer pretty much any question you fire at them (within reason) and because of the sheer variation of questions, these services simply must be manned by real people. So have a look around to see if any of the companies are hiring. It’s a sweet way to work from home and you would rule at pub quizzes after a short while.

Are you a design whizz? Whether it’s web or graphic, there are countless companies out there willing to hire you for a couple of hours to help them out. Design competitions are popular, where designers can make bids to design a company’s logo or website. The only downside is that, because of the vast competition, most of these jobs aren’t particularly well paid. But if you can find enough of them, you can make a decent income.

Survey completion is really popular but because of this, there are a lot of bogus sites out there who purely want your details to sell on for their own gain. So be selective about who you choose. It is getting increasingly difficult to find real money spinners so it’s worth prowling around a few forums to see which companies are recommended. Many people make a decent monthly income from survey filling alone.

Want some more? We’re out of space here but we’ll be back on Friday with the final article in our series on making money online.

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