Making Money Online – Part Three

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Money OnlineYes we’re still not finished!  There are so many more ways to use the internet to make money online, so here are a few extras.


Yes, anyone can become a ‘published’ author these days. eBooks are an extremely popular way to make money online because of the simplicity involved. If you are an expert on a niche subject (or even a broad one – but be prepared to compete), why not write a few thousand words about it and create your own eBook? You can charge people for the pleasure of reading your wise words and it’s a great way to sit back and watch the money roll in without having to continue the hard work (though you will probably have to do a bit of self-promotion).

Or, if you don’t want to get into writing an eBook, why not create a series of blog posts about your speciality and see how the interest runs? If you end up with a blog boasting high numbers of traffic every month, you can make some serious money with affiliate advertising. Which brings us neatly on to…

Affiliate Marketing

An ever-popular way for companies to sell products, affiliate marketing involves driving people to a certain website by using advertising in a relevant place. For example, if you run a blog about car parts, a large parts supplier might pay you a decent amount of money to run adverts for them alongside your blog. Affiliate marketing can get quite complicated so it’s worth doing plenty of research before getting started. If you have a real knack for it, you can start making money quickly and respectably using the web.


In today’s SEO-hungry world, most companies are constantly striving for genuine link building across the web. You can get paid for doing a bit of crafty name dropping in forums (though be careful because most forums have rules about advertising within posts – read the Ts&Cs). It’s always best to do this with a genuine approach, actually offering help in your replies as well as a brand recommendation.

Site Flipping

Do you have an eye for design? Why not buy up an old, haggard site that needs a bit of care and attention and sell it on for a profit? There are so many websites out there suffering from neglect. Offer a small sum to take it off its owner’s hands and nurse it back to health. You’re all about giving, right? Hopefully they’ll have lots of existing traffic who will thank you for breathing new life into their favourite site.

Frankly, we could carry on listing ideas all day but what we’ve covered here should hopefully be enough to convince you that there’s always a pile of cash to be unearthed for anyone who’s willing to use the internet intelligently. If you’re willing to put in a bit of work (really, if there was a legitimate way to make thousands by doing absolutely nothing at all, we would’ve covered it by now), you too could become one of the many success stories!

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