Improve Your Calls to Action on Instagram With These Tips

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Social media remains a powerful platform for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Arguably nowhere else have successful brands and individuals managed to incorporate a wide variety of tactics to produce monetized and financially successful media presences. Whether you’re a part-time blogger or a big corporation, social media offers a variety of opportunities.

Instagram in particular has become incredibly popular with social influencers, and products that get face-time on the platform often become very popular very quickly. If your brand or business is attempting to convince audiences to buy a product or conduct any other action, then improving your chances is crucial.

To help you out, let’s look at some ways that you can improve your calls to action on Instagram.

Understand Your Audience

Above all else, knowing which calls to action work best involve knowing exactly who your audience is and how they respond. Successful Instagram influencers understand just who is following them, whether that be age, gender, marital status or any number of other important considerations. Certain demographic groups may respond better to a direct ask, while others need a bit more coaxing to overcome a natural aversion to direct marketing approaches. Knowing who it is you’re targeting with each post can dramatically improve outcomes and ensure that you’re not pinging noise at those who are following you.

Conduct Tests

While some demographic analysis and market research of your Instagram audience can shed plenty of light on the right calls to action, ultimately, you’ll need to conduct a variety of experiments. Using a variety of different calls to action, you can slowly begin to discover which formats work best for your audience. Given that different posts will naturally generate different levels of interest and engagement even when optimized to their fullest, you may need to test dozens (if not more) of posts in conjunction with different calls to action. Once you’ve collected enough data, you’ll know which calls to action to use and which ones are simply akin to pinging noise at the audience.

Set Your Goals

Ultimately, the best calls to action may not be suited for the specific purposes your brand on Instagram wants to accomplish. As such, finding any concrete lists of CTAs that fit a particular niche is not possible. However, by outlining what you want to accomplish – both in terms of individual post accomplishments and long-term Instagram accomplishments – you’ll be able to better fuse a cohesive call to action strategy.

Whether you’re looking to maximize ROI, improve engagement with a particular blog post or page, or sell a new product, knowing these goals will help further refine any calls to action on Instagram.

Showcase the Entire Process

When trying to persuade users to take a particular action – especially a purchase – it is a good idea to showcase the entire process. This means creating posts that feature user reviews and testimonials, photos of the product or service in action, and user-friendly illustrations of the conversion process.

Even if you’re not selling a product, building your Instagram marketing around highlighting everything regarding the user experience can help convince more followers to take action.

Improving your calls to action on any platform is important, but Instagram’s naturally product-friendly user base makes it even more rewarding to do so. By setting goals, showcasing the entire process, testing out different combinations and knowing your audience, you’ll be able to tap into unprecedented levels of success.

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