How to Generate Short-Term Profit from Content

Most people who create content know that there are a litany of possibilities and purposes for said content. From driving traffic to a landing page from social media to earning email clicks, many forms of content exist that’ll help you reach audiences across every channel and medium imaginable.

Yet not all forms of content are automatically considered to be short-term profit generators. In this case, profit often means money, yes – but it can be defined as clicks, leads, conversions or whatever “currency” is of valuable to your brand.

Today, let’s examine how brands can more effectively generate short-term profit from their content offerings (rather than waiting months or even years for results).

Incorporate Content with Paid Marketing Strategies

The old saying of “it takes money to make money” is true – and arguably no truer anywhere than online. While organic strategies for content creation and marketing can solely earn traffic and backlinks, short-term profit from content often requires marketing assistance. For brands not already performing strongly in search due to powerful SEO strategies, paid marketing strategies can help instantly elevate content and make it deliver results.

Time is money – so creating content itself is like spending money – but incorporating a small amount of additional investment to boost its visibility in search or on social media can be just what it takes to drive immediate profit from the content in question. You’ll be instantly pinging servers with content by embracing this tactic.

Cultivate Opportunities for Earned Links

The key to short-term profit for content in general is to earn attention and traffic. That is the goal in taking content that otherwise might take weeks to gain traction and instead make such happen immediately. Because of this, links are by far one of the most crucial components that can determine the speed at which your content’s visibility and reach grows.

There are many unique ways to earn links and a plethora of guide online helping users determine which course of action is right for them. However, the most popular methods include broken link building strategies, guest posting, and direct contact with relevant reporters and bloggers about your content.

Create Desirable Content Formats

If you want content to deliver optimal profitability (in whichever ways you measure it), then the content has to be engaging and relevant to audiences. Many people focus on the information or base components of content – which are important – but forget about how crucial the aesthetics are for content.

Increasingly, people want to see more intricate content offerings. This includes podcasts, infographics and videos. In an increasingly mobile world where it is all too easy to become distracted, delivering content solutions that resonate with audiences can make the difference between relying on search engines to index and rank your content over months versus being an instant hit.

Ultimately, content creation is a grueling process that can exhaust anybody. Yet this is only half of the fight: marketing said content and ensuring it delivers the results you desire is just as difficult. If you want content to be pinging servers and delivering profit in the short-term, then consider the above information as you optimize the content for such outcomes.

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