How to Convert Blog Readers Into Dedicated Subscribers

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Subscribe KeyBeing on your A-game when it comes to producing consistent, quality content is a mainstay of being a blogger. Without this simple yet important technique, your blog will either never get its feet off the ground or, if currently doing well, will soon become quite barren in regards to traffic. While many worry about attracting new readers to their blog, have you considered what you are doing to convert those who are already finding your site into returning subscribers? Below are some simple suggestions that you can follow to ensure that your readers will continue to rely on your blog for information, opinion or advice.

Post Consistently

If you are failing to publish content on a constant basis, then your readers may be pinging your website and finding themselves with questions and no answers. This obviously will lead to readers going elsewhere for information and if this occurs more than once, users are likely not to return. Likewise, first-time readers can be drawn in when they see that constant updates are made; by knowing there is information being published on a consistent basis, they will find themselves returning to inspect your quality content. If you find yourself being distracted but have fresh content, schedule posts in advance so that they can be posted when you are offline.

Launch a Landing Page

When trying to convince people using other mediums to subscribe to your blog, it is a great idea to consider using a landing page for your blog subscription. This option will come particularly in handy when sending out messages via social networks like Facebook and Twitter; while you may have a subscription option embedded in your webpages, this is not conventional when attempting to get users of other networks to click through and then subscribe. Eliminate any difficulties for them and you will reap the reward of a higher conversion rate.

Build Incentive and Content Around Subscribing

What better way to get the loyalty of individuals pinging your website than by offering them benefits in exchange for subscribing? If you run a blog that offers advice or information about certain products or services – or even offers products or services directly – then you can provide subscribers with more up-to-date information, as well as potential discounts or information on where to get the best price for a particular product. You should also be working in to each of your posts a way to gently suggest to the reader that he or she subscribe to your blog as a source for valuable, future information.

Traditional Email Marketing

You probably have the email address of individuals for various reasons: whether it be through a transaction, account sign-ups or email addresses left in comments, these can be potentially valuable contacts. By using a traditional email marketing campaign coupled with a Call To Action, you can reach out to these people in a minimally-intrusive way and attempt to persuade them to frequent your blog. Since you will have obtained these email addresses through your blog or associated aspects, the conversion rate for this marketing campaign should be much higher than your average mailing.

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