How Does Graphic Content Affect Social Media Performance?

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Graphic ContentSocial media performance can make the difference between a barely-known brand and a well-known one. In this day and age, virtually everyone who is active on the internet has at least one social media profile, meaning that you’re missing out on virtually limitless growth if you’re not targeting people on one or more platforms. There are many different ways to attract attention and create a following on social media, but it all inevitably revolves around the distribution of content. Graphic content – infographics, videos, photos and other similar elements – have a long history of being stronger performers than simple blog posts and text-based content. Below, we’ll explain how this occurs and why people respond positively to this type of content.

Graphic Information Is Absorbed More Rapidly

We are in a world in which information is constantly bombarding us. There is no escape from the continuous barrage of information on our screens and in our pockets – as well as the real-world elements we cannot escape – and this can be overwhelming. Our brains subconsciously block out a lot of this information, particularly in regards to what we read and here. When it comes to what we see, however, we retain a large amount of that information. Content creators who utilize social media – perhaps the most prominent contributor of information overload – who don’t want to be pinging noise at viewers can utilize the fact that the brain absorbs graphic information exponentially more quickly than traditional text-based content to their advantage.

Graphic Information Creates Brand Awareness

Particularly on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the lack of customization makes it hard to stand out through mere text. As such, every opportunity in which graphic branding can be utilized should be seized. As alluded to prior, graphic information is processed three times more rapidly than traditional text, which makes it a great way in which to sneak in brand logos and imagery associated with your brand without overloading your audience. It is through the use of graphic content that brand recognition elements and valuable information can both be combined in such a way that it doesn’t seem like attention whoring or blatant marketing. For many brands, this makes it the best of both worlds.

Graphic Information Summarizes Some Concepts Better

Particularly when demonstrating how to do something or laying out a complex set of data points, graphic content can simply be a better solution for explaining a situation. While text-based write-ups on some subjects may simply seem like pinging noise, a graphic explanation can go a long way toward outlining how something works or what all of those numbers truly mean. When you factor in the fact that graphic content enjoys a share rate on social media two to three times that of traditional content, it seems to be a no-brainer that this form of content would factor in considerably to any social media effort. Not only will more of what you say be absorbed by those who read it, but more people will inevitably read it due to the increased number of shares it generates.

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