Online Business Can Be Destroyed by These Simple Errors

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Accidental SlipThe ability to earn a profit on the web has made it possible for even the smallest of businesses to serve a worldwide network of customers and grow exponentially. Relative to brick and mortar establishments, opening an online business is highly affordable and can be done very quickly. With a bit of dedication and marketing, anyone can quickly begin selling products and services to any and all audiences they desire. Unfortunately, some rather small mistakes can have a huge impact on the bottom line. We’ll discuss which errors can absolutely destroy your online business strategies so that you can avoid them.


Any business has a responsibility to be professional in its design and presentation. Online entities in particular are under even more pressure, due to the immense amount of competition out there. Because people can afford to be pickier, even the occasional typo on a website or product page can send the wrong message to shoppers, who will decide to shop elsewhere. Attention to detail in any business should be an absolute priority, so do not forgo proof-reading and extensive evaluations of each description, page and post before publishing it.

A Lack of CTAs

Businesses that want to expand their bottom lines understand that calls to action are absolutely necessary in today’s online world. Calls to action help ensure that your visitors, subscribers and shoppers understand how best to interact with your marketing strategies. Whether you are advertising via AdWords, sending out emails or pinging URLs via social media advertising, each campaign should be customized to lead to a specific call to action. Without such elements, shoppers will become lost and will inevitably drift away from your store, products or services in much greater numbers than they would if a call to action were present.

Weak Content

Some businesses think that the mere display of products and services is enough to convince shoppers of their need for such items. Unfortunately, this approach will come up short in terms of maintaining – let alone growing – customer engagement and purchases. Shoppers expect detailed descriptions, specifications, lists of benefits, reviews and a variety of other forms of content when shopping and making a final decision. Businesses that fail to take this into account can see their bottom lines dramatically weakened when compared to businesses that deliver ample content.

Poor Interface

Your website should be easily accessible to everyone. All too many businesses make the mistake of assuming that users will be able to find products easily. An intuitive navigation menu is absolutely necessary for websites dealing with e-commerce. Intelligent search and filter functions are must-haves as well. Additionally, no website should be operating today without a mobile responsive design; otherwise, you’ll be pinging URLs to search engines in vain when it comes to the large contingent of mobile users who are delivered mobile-friendly search results by Google and others.

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