Your New Affiliate Site Can Quickly Rise the Ranks – Three Techniques You Must Use

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Affiliate While an affiliate site can in many cases be one of the most rapidly profitable online ventures you can create, there are a few drawbacks to its selection. One of the biggest ones is that affiliate sites tend to be rather useless until they have been indexed and ranked well by major search engines. In the pursuit of pinging websites to search engines, we may forget some of the more nuanced details that can be effective short-term boosters. While search engine algorithms change on a consistent basis, the tactics outlined below are guaranteed to remain evergreen when it comes to a rapid SEO response for a newly deployed affiliate site.

Matching Domains

You have no doubt searched for a particular phrase at one point or another and been presented with a website whose domain matches the SERP precisely. These exact match domains are a great way to boost short-term search engine exposure and help associate your website with a particular keyword or phrase. While many websites that took this approach saw some recent dings in performance due to search engine algorithm changes, hundreds of thousands of affiliate sites still use this tactic and it is a great way to boost your newly created affiliate site in a quick amount of time – many people report rapid increases in traffic within one to two months.

Smaller Websites

This seems counter-intuitive to much of what we know about traditional SEO. Usually, content is great and more content is even better. It has been documented, however, that affiliate sites – many of which traditionally compete within much smaller niches than other types of sites and blogs – can do well with websites that consist of five to ten pages of content. This is great news for affiliate site creators who need to be able to set up an individual website or twenty in as little time as possible. The less content that is required, the quicker you can establish this site as a strong performer. In the case of affiliate marketing, smaller websites can be quite effective.

Faster Websites

Certain variables of speed can play a huge role in how search engines view your website. If you are pinging websites on many different topics from one limited server or host, then you may experience some latency in areas such as Time to First Byte, a crucial metric for improving SERP performance. Overall page loading speeds factor in to a lesser degree, but a slow website can keep you dangling pages behind where you want to be in search results.


As with any new web project, the act of ascending search engine rankings can take quite some time. In most cases, however, affiliate sites present one of the best opportunities in terms of achieving this in a short period of time. If you aim for domains that match the keyword results, smaller websites and faster load times, then you can rapidly improve your prospects and begin to see results within just a couple of months. There are possibly no three better techniques for quick affiliate promotion via search engines.


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