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Home Being BuiltIf you want a truly customized and professional website built from scratch, then you have probably considered building a website with the use of code or hiring an outside developer. Content management systems like WordPress have exceptional flexibility but in a variety of cases they are not suitable for the particular needs of a given website. Unfortunately, learning code can take years to master and hiring an outside developer can cost potentially thousands of dollars. You may feel as if you are left with zero options, but fortunately, there is another way to tackle the element of professional design in a customized web plan. Below, we’ll discuss three resources that allow you to build websites from scratch in an aesthetically pleasing fashion and without any prior code experience.


If you are looking for a way to create websites with clean, validated code and beautiful imagery at the same time, then Macaw definitely deserves your consideration. This popular website builder allows users to quickly create websites while also offering individuals the ability to quickly edit images through its online image editor service. Originally designed as a way to connect the complex art of code to the aesthetic necessities of design, the platform exists in large part to ensure that there is one seamless effort capable of fusing the two in real time. Your custom site will be able to be constructed around the professional code that is needed while also enjoying top-notch photo and image editing solutions.


If you’re looking for online software that allows you to unleash your graphic designer potential alongside customized web design and development ambitions, then Webydo is worth considering. You’ll find a variety of tools available in Webydo that resemble that of Adobe Photoshop and others, and it also features an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows for all elements to be easily inserted into and customized on the canvas. As you work your way through the design process, professional coding is automatically generated to ensure proper validation occurs. Once complete, you’ll only need worry about creating content and pinging links to search engines in order to get the most out of this design software’s output.


Created by Adobe as a solution for the growing demand of integrated coding and graphic design solutions, Muse is a tool that provides users with plenty of unique ways to quickly create websites. One flaw noticed in Muse, however, is its overuse of div tags, which can present some issues when applying future updates and edits. Nevertheless, this software runs through a cloud-based solution and can facilitate easy website construction for those who have extensive graphic design experience (as well as those who are just starting out). If you need a highly-customized static website that is used for pinging links and posting updates, then evaluating Muse for said project is definitely worth your time.


Between Muse, Webydo and Macaw, you have three versatile coding and web design platforms to consider for your next website or project. While you may not be able to unlock every single element that you would with extensive coding experience for a fat budget for outside developers, you will still be amazed at the flexibility and comprehensive integration available through these utilities.

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