How to Boost Your Business’ Influence via Content

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InfluenceTraditional businesses have long used several methods that can build rapport and increase influence among loyal and potential customers alike. In the past, this involved a large amount of personalized customer service, excellent marketing skills and quality products and services. These days, however, much of the traditional business model has been uprooted due to shifts in technology; as more and more businesses seek to transfer their operations to an e-commerce model, some of these methods of persuasion and influence no longer work in the same way. If your online business is to thrive, then you must find ways to appeal to your audiences via persuasive content. Below, we will discuss several ways in which you can accomplish this goal.

Be Authoritative

Whether someone is in search of information or a product, they most likely choose to navigate your website in the search of valuable, accurate information. There are tons of people pinging domains that do not find this information, or may find it in a less than authoritative fashion. When you write content that is certain and verifiable for accuracy, you build rapport with readers and embody a sense of trust and assurance in your content. You will want to be sure to avoid words such as “perhaps”, “maybe” and other synonyms that imply doubt. You should be the master of your subject – or at least present the information that way. Being an authority on a given subject or area of business is the number one way to build influence with your readers.

Offer Proof

With authoritative content comes a stronger sense of authority, but how can you further these actions? Community and social verification of your knowledge and expertise is vital – many websites use customer reviews and other testimonials in their content in order to showcase that they are in fact “the real deal”. Nobody wants to take a risk on a product or service from a little-known retailer if there are not reassurances that others have had a pleasant and positive experience. Whether you incorporate reviews from social media, other review sites or shared stories from customers via email, you will further create a sense of influence that reassures your audience and makes them more likely to engage in multiple ways.

Be Consistent

When you operate a business online, you may feel less compelled to publish content on a regular basis like someone would who operates a blog. The fact remains that individuals want fresh content regardless of format – many businesses these days that have online presences have some form of blog that distributes news and other product-related events on a regular basis. Any web business can find ways in which they can keep a consistent presence. When you are pinging domains with your content, you are also ensuring that search engines continue to index and rank your website in various search results. A consistent approach to content publication will ensure that both customers and search engines are satisfied with your approach, boosting your overall influence with people from all walks of life.

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