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Reaching HandsThere are a lot of reasons why content creators, marketers and brands wish to seek out fellow bloggers in their niches and across the internet. In many cases, they may be looking for sources to promote a product, service or information of interest to the bloggers. In other cases, they may be looking for qualified writers and bloggers to join their own projects. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of places and ways in which to find these individuals, but it can be overwhelming to simply think, “they’re everywhere – start looking!”. As such, we’ve put together a list of a few places where you can find these individuals and initiate conversation.

By Building Blog Networks

Sometimes, the easiest way in which to approach fellow bloggers with the intent of asking something is to provide something in return. The use of blogging networks to syndicate and circulate content is a very popular notion, and one that will help accomplish the most common goals for many brands and bloggers without explicitly asking for it. You can advertise this passively through your own website or blog – perhaps in the “about us” section – as well as through approaching other bloggers in the niche directly.

Through Ranking Tools

A variety of ranking tools and influence analysers are available out there that can help individuals track down the most popular and influential websites and blogs in a given niche. With these tools, you’ll be pinging servers for information on who has the most clout, in essence. You can then take this information and use it in order to ensure that your blog outreach efforts are as efficient as possible. Whether you choose a plug-in solution or a web-based option, this method should be at or near the top of your list of methods through which to find bloggers.

By Intercepting Them on Twitter

The use of hashtags for various niches on social media – specifically, Twitter – is common among many bloggers. It is through these hashtags that you can quickly find individual bloggers who have what you need and are affiliated within the same realm. By jumping into the conversation directly, you can be sure that you will get their attention. While it will take some prior research – in the form of determining who is on Twitter, what their handles are, and so forth – once you have identified them and can correlate their presence in these hashtags, dialogue comes much more organically and tends to be more successful.

Through Partnership Platforms

Much like you may be looking for collaboration and promotion, plenty of other bloggers out there are looking for it as well! Through sites such as Blog Dash, businesses and bloggers alike can connect with one another and find arrangements/relationships that fulfil their needs. Through pinging servers such as this, it is quite easy to set up ways for your content to be published on other sites, request guest posts, and ask for brand mentions via social media and elsewhere. This method usually requires a paid subscription, but it cuts out a substantial amount of work and dead-ends in exchange.

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