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Pingler News About MeHere at, we are always trying to come up with new and innovative ideas which will improve your experience and opinion of the Pingler brand.  The latest feature that we have designed is an ‘about me’ page, which not only gives other Pingler users the chance to find out more about you, but you may also be featured on our homepage.  We plan to feature ‘about me’ pages (subject to subscription levels) on our homepage randomly, enabling you to advertise freely and easily.

How to Create an About Me Page

To fill in your ‘about me’ page, simply log in to your Pingler account and visit  Here, you can fill in your name, website URL, and a short bio relating to you or your website.  You can also include links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+), and an image and/or video of yourself or your brand.  Finally, we have made it possible for you to select the industry that your business falls into, and the ability to select up to 10 skills which reflect your expertise and the work that you do.

At, we understand that time is money, and so we have made it incredibly easy to fill in your ‘about me’ page.  Filling it in is not mandatory, however doing so could lead to new business leads and enquiries. is visited by thousands of business users every month and with ‘about me’ pages being featured on a random rotation, we are offering you the chance to advertise to these users for free.

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