Keyword Rich Domains and SEO

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SEO RichIt’s a well known fact that including your targeted keyword in your website’s domain has a positive impact when it comes to search engine rankings.  Although Matt Cutts at Google has previously stated that Google may look into the amount of weight keyword rich domains get, what is true right now is that keyword rich domains do tend to rank higher in the search engines that sites that don’t; this is even the case for sites that have low quality content.

Keyword rich domains are clearly advantageous from an SEO point of view so today we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these.  We will also look into the Keyword Rich Domain Finder tool and how it can help you.

The Advantages of Keyword Rich Domains

  • Keyword rich domains encourage a higher click through rate as they show that a site is especially relevant to a particular niche.
  • Keyword rich domains rank very quickly in the search engines for the keyword used in the domain.
  • Keyword rich domains are also thought to be easier to remember – great news from a marketing point of view.
  • Keyword rich domains are also useful when it comes to anchor text.  When people link to your website, they are linking through your targeted keyword – again this is great from an SEO point of view.

The Disadvantages of Keyword Rich Domains

  • Although there are clearly short term benefits to keyword rich domains, many SEO experts believe that it may be better to build a brand up from scratch.
  • Because many people have seen the benefits of keyword rich domains there has been an increase in people buying these to make spam sites in recent years.  If this continues, we may see less weight being given to keyword rich domains.
  • Following on from the point above – as so many people are using keyword rich domains to run spam websites, many normal search engine users are put off by these domains.
  • Keyword rich domains are extremely niche and it can be hard to branch out a later date if you decide to advance your website.

The Keyword Rich Domain Finder Tool

If you are thinking of purchasing a keyword rich domain you might want to first use the Keyword Rich Domain Finder tool which can be used by clicking here.  By entering in the keyword that you will be targeting you can find similar sites that target the same keyword and analyse your competition.  This is also a good way to find sites for optional partnerships or even guest blogging opportunities.

Although we may see some changes in the future when it comes to the amount of weight that is given to keyword rich domains, what we do know is that currently they are a quick way to achieve a first page search engine ranking.  If you are thinking of purchasing one, make sure to do your research first, analyse your competition and where possible find a profitable niche that has low to medium keyword competition.

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