How to Implement Your Link Building Strategies from the Ground Up

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Link BuildingIn the course of building a premier website, many of us may get bogged down with one aspect or another without considering the implications that has on other areas and objectives. Many people tirelessly focus on content creation and keyword optimization but do not apply similar amounts of effort to marketing and link building. In the case of link building, it is a relatively simple practice that just about anyone can do but few seemingly know how to do. If you or one of your employees is in search of a way to increase traffic and conversions for your brand’s website or blog, then continue reading to find out how you can develop a solid link building strategy with little to no prior experience.

The Characteristics of Good Link Building

One of the biggest prerequisites to proper link building is the need for individuals who possess a few simple skills. When pinging backlinks from other sites, one important characteristic is strong written and communication skills – someone who can adeptly incorporate a link into a legitimate question or comment elsewhere will see their links stand the test of time. Organizational skills are also important as they help keep link builders (who often need to be self-starters) on the right track. Any link builder should also be prepared to try new techniques and experiment with various strategies to see what works well in some areas and what does not.

Utilizing Link Building Tools

There are dozens of link building tools available for download that range in price from free to expensive and can offer users a variety of functions depending on their level of expertise and their budgets. While some search engines provide this service with their complimentary analytics, link building tools tend to be more thorough and will display all backlinks, anchor text and statistics that pertain to the links in question. Any prospective link builder can find many different tutorials on the internet that outline how to gather this data, analyse it and use it for more effective link building techniques in the field.

Evaluating Websites

Before you begin pinging backlinks and requests indiscriminately, it is important that you do proper research on each site in question in order to ensure that a potential partnership or link will not do damage to your website. A variety of different metrics are analysed in this process, including page and domain authority. This will also give link builders an opportunity to discover any broken links, non-functional webpages or other problems with a particular site. In many cases, someone who alerts a webmaster to a potential problem with their site may be able to score a free backlink in the process.


Virtually anyone can become a link builder with enough time and dedication, but it does not take much to get started. While this review only touches briefly on the main elements involved, you will be able to find more information on how to best utilize a link building tool to inspect various websites for opportunities and to monitor your newly created backlinks. All it takes is a few good personality traits, some tools and a desire to learn in order to become a link building guru!

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