Four Reasons You Should Publish Content Solely to Inform and Entertain

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Funny GirlIt seems that everyone these days is worried about creating content for a specific purpose. Many commonly cited reasons for content creation include gaining additional exposure for a website or blog, increasing product sales or drumming up support for a cause, but they all revolve around a common (and somewhat selfish) concept. Obviously, webmasters, bloggers and writers exist to drive attention to their products and content, but some of the best and most successful content ever originated from a selfless purpose. If you are wishing to increase traffic, exposure and achieve viral effects, then continue reading to find out why creating informative, entertaining content should be your top priority.

A Better Chance to Go Viral

People have a tendency to share content that is both intriguing and creative. Sites such as BuzzFeed thrive off of this viral concept: create valuable content with no strings attached and let the World Wide Web take care of the rest. There was a time in which BuzzFeed did not have such an established flow of traffic, but their mission has been the same from day one: create content that entertains and informs. Rather than plugging your product or website in every piece of content you distribute, try pinging search engines with content that is wholly devoted to serving the interests and emotions of potential readers.

Demonstrate Value to Your Readers

Even if your website or blog is built around the premise or marketing a product or service, readers usually expect something of value to be given prior to engaging any further with your brand. In this case, creating informative and entertaining content can be a stepping stone to generating more leads, conversions and referrals. There is also something to be said about sites that demonstrate this quality: users tend to find them more relatable and human. By building a more intimate connection with followers of your brand, you will increase the likelihood that select content is shared and therefore has a chance of going viral.

Increase Browsing Times

When an informative and entertaining piece of content is present on your site, it tends to lead to the average reader spending more time on your site. Most webmasters understand the inherent benefit of this: for every second that a user spends reading an article, another second passes in which said user may find another piece of content, page or advertisement interesting to them. The longer you can retain the interest of any particular reader, the more of a chance you have at convincing him or her to subscribe to your mailing list, purchase an e-book or otherwise engage further with your brand.

Break the Monotony

Face it: the act of constantly pinging search engines for measured value can be exhausting. Trying to incorporate a plug here and a call to action there can be stressful for anyone in the business of content creation and marketing. When you create content that is both informative and interesting, however, you will then have the chance to re-energize your creative juices and engage in content creation that you find enjoyable. If said piece of content does not go viral or make a huge impression, then so be it: at least you had the chance to take a break from the monotony of writing similar pieces of content designed to sell and convert, rather than inform and entertain.

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