Building Awesome Backlinks as a Newcomer

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One of the main tenets of SEO is having a diverse array of backlinks to your site. While the algorithms that assess this have become more complex and discerning over the years, search engines assess the quality and diversity of your backlinks as one way of determining overall site authority and expertise. When you are new to the world as an online brand or business, it can be very difficult to earn backlinks from reputable sources. It is not, however, impossible: there are several ways you can increase the odds of gaining backlinks early on. We’ll review how to do this below so that you can start earning link juice as soon as possible.

Demonstrate Real Value

Above all else, you have a lot to prove to other people as a new brand in your niche. If you want to jump out of the gate with plenty of backlink potential, then you need to provide value in such a way that people cannot ignore. For many brands, this may mean creating an awesome infographic about a particular topic. For others, reliable podcasts with sound advice and guidance may be a better route. Though these forms of content can take a while to be noticed by search engines, pinging users within a niche with links to these offerings can quickly help the world discover you. As this happens, more brands with authority in the niche will be more likely to feature you in a post and link back. This can help earn some very crucial backlinks early on when other brands would still be struggling.

Make Use of Broken Links

There are countless broken links all over the web today, that once linked to quality content. If you are willing to spend a bit of time searching for broken links on these websites, then you may be able to earn a few links for your work. Simply begin searching via a broken link tool for applicable links on sites where you’d like to be featured. You can either choose to merely report the link and request a link in exchange, or you can take it a step further by using an internet archiving tool to find what the old link actually linked to, reassembling the content on your website, and then asking if the website would link to your version instead.

Provide Guest Posts

If you’re brand new to the game but want to earn links, then consider doing what many do in your position: write guest posts! Many websites out there will accept guest posts on various subjects, with a link back to your website being provided in exchange. If you have a particular area of expertise where you can create quality content, then capitalize on this by contacting sites that offer guest posting and letting them know. In many cases, this can be an easy and lucrative way to build backlink credibility for your website while also increasing traffic. Not all websites offer guest posting opportunities, but you are sure to find at least a few contenders with a careful search or two.

By finding broken links and helping other sites, providing guest posts and demonstrating real value through your content, you can dramatically increase the chances of earning backlinks even as a newcomer. Ultimately, if you’re willing to start pinging users with quality content and information, the links will follow. In the short-term, however, these strategies can help you make some quick gains.


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