Five Free Google Tools You Should Be Using Now

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5 ToolsThe internet is a treasure chest filled with goodies, and that has never been more true than it is today. Many tools have been invented and developed in recent years that allow individuals to take optimum control and benefit from increased efficiency in all areas, including speed, management and reliability. If you do not feel your internet or website experience is currently indicative of this, then we have five tools that are must-haves for modernizing your browsing pleasure.

Google Insights

Google Insights is a search-based tool that provides a plethora of information on a variety of keyword-related subjects. Most useful is its ability to display the trends for various keywords, giving you an idea of whether or not a certain niche is already “filled to capacity” or currently has room for exploration and exploitation. This tool also allows you to view these same results by state and country, giving you the capability to embark upon localized search engine optimization campaigns.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Within this suite of software, Google Adwords offers a Keyword Tool which helps refine the trends you may have observed by using Google Insights. Not only can you do general search engine optimization research on keywords, but you can also see the instances of usage when it comes to paid ads via Google. This may be the best tool to use when it comes to determining an exact number of individuals who are currently searching for any given keyword.

Google Chrome

Perhaps the newest and fastest growing browser, Google Chrome brings efficiency and speed to your desktop. What Firefox did to Internet Explorer several years ago is being replicated today; the optimization of Chrome makes it far faster than Firefox, IE or even Safari in many cases. There are literally thousands of browser add-ons that you can download to enhance your experience while using Chrome. Pingler hosts a dedicated download for this internet browser; head over to our download section to procure this one-of-a-kind browser.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can easily keep trace of the vital statistics for your website. Not only can you observe the various types of traffic that are being directed to your website, but you can also determine which pages they are viewing and for how long they are viewing them. The amount of data presented by Google Analytics gives you increased power to improve your marketing strategies on and off the internet. Signing up for a Google Analytics account is easy and free, with just a small amount of installation/maintenance required on your part.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools displays a wide assortment of data about your website that helps you understand and determine its overall status. Just like with Google Analytics, you will be able to observe search criteria that led people to your site as well as what they clicked on while there. You can also see what pages on your site have structural errors, whether or not any pages are not working and any other issues encountered by crawlers or bots while exploring the site. Your regular Google account can be used to sign up for a Google Webmaster Account.


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    Great writeup! I’ve been using what’s on the list above on my blog and it really helps! I like the way you put emphasis on those. thanks!


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    Great post very helpful they are a must in this day and age with the competition online these days.


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    We use as many google products as possible for our futon, mostly they are very helpful.


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