Before You Commit, Analyze These Three WordPress Theme Shortcomings

Screen PressSince WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, it is easy to understand why there are so many themes – both paid and free – available for webmasters and bloggers. With literally tens of thousands of them on the market, you are free to customize your website in whatever way necessary. Unfortunately, some themes have big shortcomings that prevent you from doing certain things, while others may just be poorly produced on a whole. How can you be sure that you are picking the right theme – regardless of cost? We’ll discuss four important elements to consider with WordPress themes in the following article, so that you don’t make any structural or financial mistakes with your decision.

“Point of No Return”

Certain themes                 will put you in certain positions – namely, ones that make it hard to change things. A WordPress theme above all else should be flexible. Without the ability to alter significant elements in your theme, you will become reliant upon this theme forever. Plugins are designed to add functionality, while themes help you showcase content. If a theme builds in features that you become reliant upon, then how will you ever be able to change the theme in the future without significant overhauls? There are only a couple of options: continue using the theme forever, or spend ample amounts of time transferring the features over to a new theme. In either case, this is not ideal, and a good reason why you should always pick themes that have base functionality that can be expanded and edited easily.

Third-Party Sourcing

Almost all WordPress themes are made by third-party entities, but there is some solace in knowing that any theme procured through the WordPress theme repository is a functioning, virus-free element. When pinging networks for WordPress themes from third parties directly, you cannot be sure what you will be getting. For one, the cost considerations must be weighed: when you purchase themes via WordPress, there are minimum guaranteed levels of customer service. Secondly (and perhaps most importantly), you will not be at threat from viruses that can compromise your site’s security. Especially true if you are dealing with financial elements, you cannot afford to be compromised after purchasing a theme through a third-party website.


WordPress themes that engage in many different actions and promise a variety of features may sound good on the surface, but a closer inspection may reveal a different story. Themes that promise functionality in pinging networks, providing SEO functionality, creating multimedia experiences above and beyond the rest, and much more may actually provide a bit of everything, but may do none of them well. It is far better to invest in a quality WordPress theme that aims to do what you need it to do well than to invest in one that does not do anything well, but promises to do everything. Functionality is the most important aspect of your theme, so be sure that anything you invest in does what you need it to above all else.

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