Three Things You Must Do When Marketing Content

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Marketing ContentMany of us dread having to constantly come up with new content for our blogs, websites and other forms of online content venues. The thought of having to churn out page after page of material can seem very overwhelming if you are not used to the premise – and even if you are, it can still be an arduous task. For those who are not seeing benefits in their content marketing, it may be due to the type of content or simply the way in which it is being marketed and distributed. Whatever the reason, many wish to put in the bare minimum when it comes to creating content. We will discuss the three main tenets any content creator needs to adhere to in order to meet the essential elements of successful content marketing.

Adopt A Schedule

Regardless of whether you are pinging your blog, website or social media hourly, daily or weekly, consistency and a reliable schedule is important for both yourself and your readers. If visitors know when you usually post new content, then they will be more likely to return to your blog around that time in order to see if there is anything new. When you publish content at random intervals, it makes it difficult for readers to follow your content – especially if you go days or even weeks between updates. Search engines also like consistent updates, preferably as often as possible.

Use Conversion Tactics

There may be many people already reading your content but not engaging with your site and social networks. How can this be rectified? Some sites use algorithms that determine whether or not someone is engaged with the blog or website based on cookies and other observations that indicate they frequent the area in question. By displaying pop-ups or overlays to these visitors when they are reading an article, asking them to either like your social networks or provide an email address for updates, these content hubs can connect to their readers in ways that may be overlooked by some content marketers.

Collect Information

Your readers may or may not be willing to provide you their personal information such as email address, but you should always be asking for it. Many successful content marketers will tell you that while the percentage of traffic derived via email campaigns is not very high, the percentage of people who directly engage with content (sharing, commenting) is much, much higher. In some cases, a plurality of people pinging your blog with comments and shares will be through emails they received about various content you have published.


For those looking to do the bare minimum in regards to content creation, it needs to be understood that dedication is still a prerequisite. Those who successfully create consistent, high-quality content and develop their sites to be receptive and engaging with its readers will have a much easier time luring in new readers, subscribers and conversions. By collecting as much information as possible while providing an equivalent value in exchange, content marketers will realize their dreams of having a fruitful, productive endeavour.

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