Must-Have Skill-Sets When Working in SEO

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The world of search engine optimization requires an immense amount of dedication and time. Not only will you spend a lot of energy tweaking and optimizing every little element of your blog, website and content, but you’ll also need to master a variety of skill-sets to be successful.

Because SEO as a whole draws on so many unique talents, you’ll have to dip your toes into a variety of different areas of knowledge. The mastering of SEO – and what separates professionals from amateurs – revolves around learning several different skill-sets that ultimately all improve the others.

Today, we’ll look at some must-have skill-sets that you’ll want to refine when working in SEO.

A Refined Writing Ability

Above all else, being able to convey oneself properly is vital to productive SEO efforts. Whether you are creating content for yourself and/or others, or you are evaluating the effectiveness of your client’s content, being able to write effectively ensures that the content is having the maximum impact possible.

This skill-set comes in handy in a variety of areas: from creating blog posts to producing ad copy, you’ll quickly learn that writing ability is perhaps the most important skill in SEO when pinging websites with content.

The Ability to Obsess over Details

Search engine optimization is fueled in large part by thousands of small, individual decisions. Those who work in the industry understand that even the tiniest of minutia can completely derail any SEO campaign. As such, those with the ability to evaluate every little detail make the best SEO gurus.

Without an eye for small mistakes and microscopic opportunities for improvement, a gradual snowball effect will occur. All of these missed opportunities and mistakes can add up over time, costing any brand valuable real estate in various SERPs.

A Love for Analytics

SEO is built upon the broader premise of improvement. In other words, the primary goal is to rise through the ranks of targeted SERPs and ultimately be as visible as is humanly possible. For those working in SEO, you can’t reasonably expect to succeed when you have no idea how to measure success!

This is why a love and understanding of analytics is crucial. Those who can delve into data-points such as bounce rate, return visitors and traffic breakdowns can quickly determine whether a new approach is producing results. Without an understanding of analytics, brands can only take a shot in the dark and hope for the best.

A Logical Mind

Last but not least, a logical mind in the world of SEO can’t necessarily be learned or taught – but it will determine whether success or failure occurs. Because so much of the nitty-gritty in SEO is based around highly-secretive search engine algorithms, there is no straightforward guide or set of instructions 100% of the time.

As such, being able to analyze and critically think about why something happened is vital in improving performance. With a logical mindset, you’ll be pinging websites with content that is optimized for search engines and takes into account previous cause and effect situations.

Without a variety of skill-sets, a SEO campaign is destined for failure. While some of it is abstract and some is concrete, all of these skills and characteristics are necessary for optimal performance. Now that you’re aware of these considerations, you can begin improving both yourself and your SEO campaigns!


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