Let’s Compare Email and Social Media Marketing

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Compare MarketingIn the past few years, a long standing debate has occurred over both the benefits and drawbacks of email marketing and social media. With ardent advocates for both and a fair number of criticisms and concerns about each tactic, many have wondered whether email or social media marketing offers a clear benefit over the other. Any well rounded marketing campaign should include multiple aspects – with email and social media both playing integral roles – but many marketers and managers are hard-pressed for time in this busy era of internet competition and commerce. In the following article, we will discuss the differences between each and highlight what the best elements of each one are, in case you have to choose between one or another.

Benefits of Email

When you are pinging lists of subscribers via email, there are a few clear benefits. For starters, keeping track of ROI and conversions is very simple and often included with any email marketing suite you use. Marketers are able to send a message directly to users (as opposed to luring them in, which is a common concern of social media use) and can integrate all services and products easily into any email. Mailing lists are easy to manage and add to at any point and email marketing has been proven to create repeat business. Since users have to sign up for your email alerts, you know that they are tentatively interested in what you have to say.

Benefits of Social Media

Social media can be a great way to gather an enormous amount of followers in the form of tweets, likes, followers and other social signals. This in turn can create excellent opportunities for brands to network and engage with their audiences. Social media is much more passive than email, which can help you avoid irritating your followers with multiple updates each day. A variety of free tools are included with most social media platforms that allow you to track metrics and feedback with your customers is made more personal yet interactive. Brand awareness is another prime benefit that social media can offer users, and social media has a direct influence on how well you rank in select search engine results.

Drawbacks of Email

Email marketing has proven to be expensive for those in search of phenomenal growth. While smaller brands can do well in this department, larger entities may find that social media is a more cost-effective solution overall. Email does not allow for the type of communication that builds community, but can be effective at addressing individual concerns in a one-on-one setting.

Drawbacks of Social Media

Study after study suggests that individuals from all walks of life prefer email to social media when it comes to marketing. More people check their emails on a daily basis than social media, and customized marketing programs may have limits that email does not. In fact, you may be missing up to 30% of your potential market when using a social media-only approach.


For smaller entities that need to get the most bang for their buck, email is still a superior solution. While individual brands can find great success with social media, pinging lists of subscribers with relevant information produces more hits, better conversions and more likely chances of users doing as you wish.

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