How to Form the Basis for an Excellent Web Design

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Home OfficeWith more devices now accessing the web than ever before, there has never been a better opportunity to tap into an audience of billions now perusing the web. In order to reach these individuals and make a good impression, it is necessary to have a fully-functioning website that looks good on any and all devices. Web design has certainly involved from what it was years ago; in many cases, a simple website without much consideration design-wise was enough to make a name for oneself on the web. Today, it not only is necessary to have a well-designed website in order to please visitors, but it is also necessary in order to please search engines. We’ll discuss below how to put into place the building blocks for a great web design for your future projects.

The Move Toward Media

In years past, text-dominant websites were necessary due to both device and bandwidth considerations. As times have changed, so have the desires of visitors and internet users. A web design that incorporates more media than text is ultimately better-suited to appeal to the aesthetic natures of today’s internet users. Not only can readers absorb more information from photos and images more quickly than they can from text, but fundamental web design itself should incorporate media in its foundation in order to provide a truly professional look. Pinging search engines with a well-designed layout in this regard will send the right signals – as long as the design elements themselves are optimized properly – even if there is less text.

Responsive Design

Any modern web design must take into account the fact that web traffic will originate from a variety of sources. Ten years ago, virtually all traffic originated from desktop devices. Today, however, web traffic comes from mobile devices and desktop devices, among others. The need to have a website that can be viewed and used effectively across different platforms not only is needed for users to be happy, but pinging search engines with mobile responsive design is a requirement in order to rank well in search. Whether the website is being viewed on a tablet, desktop or mobile phone, the website should exude the same fundamental principles of web design that appeal to users’ sense of functionality and aesthetics.

Unique Background and Scrolling Effects

In today’s age, it is now easier than ever to implement advanced options that subtly integrate into the overall web design. For instance, video backgrounds are increasingly becoming popular on many websites and can add a subtle touch of messaging to whatever specific theme you are wishing to convey. Parallax scrolling is another area that has made huge strides thanks to mobile devices, and can help reduce the need for clicking from page to page on smaller screens. In addition, the concept of infinite scrolling may be useful on select pages and blogs, helping users to avoid clicking to see the next batch of content altogether. These features largely won’t affect how your website is pinging search engines, but your visitors will appreciate the aesthetic charm they provide.

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