Choosing the Right SEO Tools for Your Startup Business

Startup ArrowsThere’s no shortage of SEO software and tools designed to help business owners perfect their on and off page SEO, but many of them are not terribly well suited for startups. Before you can work diligently to improve the SEO presence of a business, the public first has to know that it exists, as well as what it is about. Having a carefully chosen set of SEO tools will help you in getting your startup company on the map, as well as aid it in being quickly discovered by prospective customers.

Google Webmaster Tools

There are certainly other search engines in existence other than Google, but this powerhouse will lead the vast majority of potential customers to your web properties. That’s why it is best to employ Google Webmaster Tools as early as you can. From the Google Webmaster dashboard, startup business owners are able to view where their traffic is coming from and make changes to their SEO strategies so that their search rankings can improve. Mastering Google Webmaster Tools will also allow you to turn more highly targeted AdWords campaigns, which can be highly effective on their own.

Mailing List Tools

Mailing lists may seem easily managed from the outset, but business owners must be extraordinarily careful with their customers’ email addresses. Professional mailing list management tools can be used to build better opt-ins and divulge information on the best SEO practises. Keeping track of your mailing lists and individual mailings can become unnecessarily cumbersome without the use of a good mailing list management system.

Social Media Management Programmes

It may be acceptable to start off by manually updating your social media profiles in the beginning, but that is not the most concise way of juggling accounts. There are various SEO tools you can use in conjunction with your business’s social media presence that will keep real-time data on how your company is performing. These tools don’t just make it more simple for you to create updates simultaneously across your social media accounts, they also measure how your customers respond to them.

Link Building

Your startup business link building strategy could be as simple as tying all of your social media links back to the main page of your site, or as complicated as planning an aggressive, long-term inbound linking campaign. Whatever the case is, some of your SEO enhancement efforts should include measuring your search rankings with regard to your link building campaign. SEO tools such as Check My Links will provide you with up to date information on what links point to your site, which links bring added value, and what you can do to improve your SEO strategy.

Spending time getting your company website ranked and indexed with search engines like Google will make your SEO efforts completely worthwhile. Signing up with an SEO company can also help your company make progress, but it is also important that you understand how SEO works in the first place. With that information, you’ll know when your company is performing better versus when things need to be changed up.

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