Change Your Offer Without Changing Your Product

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ChangeMany businesses and entrepreneurs find that there comes a point in which that shiny, new product or service is no longer so shiny and new in terms of making impressions upon a select, finite group of people. Maybe you’ve already sent out several rounds of emails to your subscribers informing them of the benefits that come with your product, but are not gaining any new ground in terms of conversions. Thankfully, there are several things anyone can do to their product in order to breathe new life into its conception. We’ll outline a few simple tips you can use to revive your product’s marketing angles so that you can continue to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Niche Promotion

Using multiple, unique angles to address the likely concerns of various people is a great way to inject new life into a marketing campaign for a product that has passed its prime. Also commonly referred to as positioning, the goal is to emphasize a specific set of features or benefits that the product offers depending on the exact group of people whom you are wanting to reach. By pinging backlinks to your product that cover specific areas of benefit, you will be more likely to reach those niche customers. For instance, an ebook that covers the topic of home gardening may wish to emphasize sustainability to those worried about the environment, while highlighting the reduced cost of food for those who are seeking to be more frugal.

Promote Added Benefits

While this may sound similar to the niche promotion method mentioned earlier, this aspect focuses on selling the key points that either are a result of purchasing the product or can be expected as a bonus. Many companies sell subscriptions that give their users access to a particular product, but there is often an added bonus or bonuses that each person receives upon subscription. Perhaps you can sell the angle of a dedicated, widely-used support forum that is available only to paying members.

Added Value

There are plenty of elements that can be incorporated into an existing product in order to give it new life and added value. If your product covers a specific topic, then maybe you can find other resources that can be included pro-bono with the product to accentuate its functionality, performance and perceived value. Unless you want to put additional work into the creation of new features for your product, though, you may be relegated to using content, material or access to services that can be freely accessed and distributed without being considered plagiarizing or thievery (in other words, provide information that will accentuate your existing product as a bonus without claiming to be the owner of said information).


The act of revising your product without putting tons of new work into it can be done in many ways – whether you want to repackage it, add bonus features or simply reach out to targeted audiences via marketing and pinging backlinks, there is no reason why a quality product should decline in circulation as time passes. For those who are dedicated to keeping their product in a consistent state of profitability, changing the elements of your product is vital.

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