The Importance of Keyword Optimised Articles

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Gold KeywordSEO writing is important for any website or blog that is going to grow.  SEO, or “search engine optimisation”, is the attempt to get your website high up on the list of results when someone uses a search engine to look for content on the internet.  This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to the site or blog and make it as well seen as possible.

Making a website or a blog SEO friendly is not difficult, although there is some dispute about the best way to do it. Articles are certainly important, though.  When you write an article with SEO, you’re doing it purely for the optimisation of the page.  In the same way that back-links help improve the rankings of websites in search engines, on-page SEO can give sites a massive boost.

When you are writing articles with SEO in mind, there are a few basic tips you should remember that will really help search engines find your site and push it to the top.  The most basic way is to shove as many keywords into the article or page as humanely possible.  So a site about home decoration would be absolutely filled with keywords such as “home decoration”, “decorating the home”, “painting”, “wallpapering”, “painting at home”, and “wallpapering at home”.  Sometimes the articles in question give absolutely nothing to the visitor clicking on them — they just make sure that the site gets clicks by tricking the search engine into thinking it’s a site perfectly matched to the search.

However, this does have the drawback that visitors may not stay on the site once they land there and your site may also be removed from the search engines if they are seen to be ‘keyword spamming’.  If the article is filled with keywords but has no real content, visitors won’t be happy and probably won’t come to your site again, making the SEO counter productive.  There is a balance to strike between having enough keywords and having a decent article.  It’s important to get that balance.

Try to write your articles in a style that’s as natural as possible whilst having your keywords appear 2-5 times every 100 words.  Hopefully this will let the search engines know that you are a useful source of information whilst keeping your content at a quality level that is going to impress any visitors.  This is the most common technique for SEO nowadays, and it works well.

You can also use Google Insights for Search to find searches that are related to your topic and include those phrases in your article, too.  So if your page is offering drum lessons you shouldn’t just mention phrases about drumming in your articles; if you also mention keywords such as “music lessons”, “percussion” and “rhythm” in your articles, these search terms are linked to the drum lessons and they will contribute towards the SEO of your site.

Don’t stress about it.  As long as you include keywords whilst keeping the readers of your site in mind, you should be fine.

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  1. December 26th, 2012 13:49

    Keywords are important indeed. And if it is so, why doesn’t Google give importance to keyword meta tag?


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