SEO on a Budget: Is it Possible?

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Office LaptopSEO should always be one of the main internet marketing tools used to promote a site. With over 70% of today’s internet traffic coming through search engines, not appearing in search results is nothing short of a big mistake. You’ll be missing out on thousands – if not millions – of potential customers.

While large sites and businesses are taking advantage of SEO to push their websites – and their products – further into the market, a lot of site owners still believe that SEO needs to be expensive for it to be effective. It is possible to do SEO on a budget?

Time vs. Money

One important thing to understand about SEO and running an SEO campaign is that it is always about investing time and/or money. If you don’t have time to spend formulating an SEO strategy, developing an awesome set of content and building relationships with your audience and other websites, then you can have a team of experts complete those tasks for a fee.

On the other hand, you can also choose to do some – or even all – of the SEO tasks yourself. You can still hire an SEO agency to help formulate the right strategy for your site. The experts behind the SEO company can help you find keywords to target, track the site’s overall SEO performance and perform other technical tasks for you.

To save money, you can invest your time into writing great content for your site, communicating with the site’s audience and building relationships with other industry experts. You can then write guest posts and perform other SEO tasks that are well within your capabilities.

The Best Way to Save

Another great thing about SEO is the fact that you have a very measurable return on investment. The best way to save in this case is by making sure the SEO campaign is right – and effective – from the start. The biggest costs of doing SEO are the costs of your mistakes.

This is also the reason why it is best to work with a reputable, highly capable SEO agency. Thinking that you can get away with spending a small amount of money on an SEO company that promises instant results is the worst mistake you can make for your site.

Working with shady SEO companies and making other fatal mistakes is very bad indeed. Not only will you be spending the money on black hat SEO tactics that don’t work, you’ll start getting penalties from search engines too.

State Your Budget

It is clear that it is possible to do SEO on a budget. The best way to do it is by stating the amount of money you can afford to spend on SEO when getting quotes from good SEO agencies. The agencies will be more than happy to work with the budget you have and formulate the best SEO strategy for your site, allowing you to compare services and pick the best one easily. All you have to do next is invest enough time to fill the gaps and you’ll start seeing your site doing well in search results before you know it.


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