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SEO ToolsAlways looking for new ways to help you to help your website or online business succeed, we are proud to announce the launch of a new range of free SEO tools you can now access from

Everybody with an interest in making money online has heard the old mantra: “content is king”.  Using these tools to help improve and verify how well your content is going to perform in the all important SEO stakes can make a dramatic difference to how many people find your site.  Here are just some of the new suite of tools Pingler can offer you:

Google/Bing Indexed Pages Checker Tool

Any website developer or content writer worth their salt optimises for Google, but Bing is picking up a decent market share too, particularly with academics.  Using these two Indexed Pages Checkers, you can instantly analyse how many pages from your site both Google and Bing have indexed.

Twitter Links Finder Tool

You know you’ve tweeted about your site, and you know some of your customers have too, but exactly how many searchable tweets are out there with backlinks to your site?  With the Twitter Links Finder tool, part of our suite of Social Media Tools, you can find out.

Spider Viewer Tool

Ever wondered quite what gets picked up when your site is crawled by Google?  This tool is incredibly handy – it allows you to see your site exactly as a search engine spider would see it, making it very easy to analyse if you’re getting things right.

Keyword Density Tool

One of the lynchpins of good SEO is how you use keywords in your content.  Too few occurrences of search keywords in your site’s text and the search engines won’t think the site is that relevant, but too many and it can look suspiciously spammy.  Use our Keyword Density Tool to check all of your content against the keywords you want to be found on, and check you are playing in that optimum area in between.

Backlink Checker Tool

The links coming in and out of your site make a big difference to how valuable your pages look to search engines.  Pingler offers a set of tools to help you analyse the links that exist for your site and suggest more.  There are also specific tools to allow you to see if your site has any links from authority websites.  The Backlink Checker Tool is just one of the link analysis offerings in Pingler’s SEO suite, and it allows you to instantly check how many backlinks your site has got.

These are just a sample of some of the free tools you can use at – in fact, the entire suite consists of 77 new tools, to help you with your links, content, rankings and much, much more.  We have even added in a few miscellaneous tools for other purposes, for example we have a tool you can use to send an anonymous email in the set.

Come to today and get to know your website better.   Our SEO tools are located at



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