Keep People Clicking While On Your Website

Click Like ButtonThe primary goals of everything we do with respect to content creation and marketing – the advertising, the SEO, the social media efforts and more – is designed to convince people to engage with your content in more ways than one once they arrive on our websites. This final part can prove to be difficult for a number of reasons. Sometimes, people only need one thing from you and have no incentive to continue browsing. In other cases, they may not feel as if they have found what they needed, so why continue looking on your site? In order to maximize the number of clicks you can grab from visitors to your site, we have put together a list of a few tricks that may come in handy for this purpose.

Incorporate Slideshows

You have no doubt encountered a large number of slideshows across the web that usually provide lists of information, photos, videos or some other form of content. The reason this is done is that it requires a large number of clicks to navigate through the list. Each page clicked on is an opportunity to generate ad revenue, to sell a product or make an impression that might otherwise be missed. When pinging servers with ads or conversion attempts, the more clicks that convince users to stick around, the more chances there are that they will click on one of these desired elements. An exception or opt-out of this on mobile devices is ideal, however, as people would much prefer to see them all on one page and will be likely not to keep clicking through anyway if there are numerous slides.

Promote Commentary

Every time you convince someone to comment on your blog or website, you increase the chances of them clicking on multiple pages! The process works by the individual in question first making a comment – this may be the first time they’ve visited the page. When they receive notifications of replies, they will likely come back to the page one or more times to reply back and/or debate subject matter with others. Generating controversy and debate in these situations is good because you will have commenters returning to the site time and time again to defend themselves and their viewpoints against those who are pinging servers with other opinions.

Supply Surveys

Asking your readers to take a brief survey can serve multiple purposes. The first and most basic benefit is the fact that you’ll be retrieving valuable information about your brand from those interested in it. Other benefits are also available, such as the ability to keep people clicking from page to page on your website. In addition, you will lower the bounce rate on your pages by virtue of simply getting the person to click through at least one page of the survey. All of these tie into a broader package of benefit: boost clicks, gain information and lower a bad metric in Google’s eyes.


Promoting comments, supplying surveys and incorporating slideshows into your website are just a few of the ways you can increase the number of clicks you receive from visitors. What strategies have worked for you?

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