What Alternative WordPress SEO Plugins Should You Consider?

Building the very best possible website takes a lot of dedication and time. While throwing together the basics of a website these days can be done in just a few short minutes, perfecting the model takes many hours of hard work. This is why so many people choose to use WordPress: it offers a very modular, easy-to-use experience that even non-experts can quickly figure out how to use.

There are many different plugins available for WordPress that augment the experience of visitors and webmasters alike. In order for most websites to remain successful, a steady flow of traffic must be aimed at them. For most, this comes via search engines, making search engine optimization (SEO) crucial.

While many use one specific plugin for this purpose – Yoast SEO – there are others that are worth consideration. Let’s take a look at a few of them today so you are aware of your options.

All-in-One SEO

One of the first SEO plugins for WordPress to ever emerge, All in One SEO has seen plenty of changes in the world of SEO over the past 15 years. Its interface is quite simplified to help even the most novice of webmasters learn how to master on-page SEO settings.

Rather than grouping options together in complex categories, All in One SEO focuses on highlighting feature categories that allow you to edit multiple settings for a particular page or element all at once. It is also versatile enough to be used on standard websites and blogs as well as online storefronts and news platforms, which means pinging your website with ideal SEO attributes regardless of focus just got even easier.

It’s easy enough to give the basic version of All in One SEO a try: you can download it for free. Their premium version costs a minimum of $50 per year, however (higher-end versions of premium also exist).


One excellent benefit of using a SEO plugin is the ability for complete novices to unlock the potential of optimizing their websites for search. One great alternative is WP Meta SEO, which is currently available for anywhere from free to $49 per year.

It is a great solution that helps first-timers learn exactly what parts of their website are not currently compliant with best SEO practices. The plugin bluntly lists which elements need to be tweaked, and how they should be tweaked.

You can also use WP Meta SEO for a range of other tasks, such as generating site maps, large-scale tag editing and keyword recommendations via GSC integration.


The last entry on our list, SEOPress, is a streamlined alternative that can help those who need minimal assistance with SEO accomplish these tasks.

Great for smaller websites and businesses, SEOPress makes it quick and easy to handle titles, tags and other page elements. Additionally, it provides feature-rich support for creating site maps, analytics integration and sharing options.

Available for free in the basic version and $39 per year for the professional option, SEOPress should definitely get some consideration!

Before deciding on any one SEO plugin for your WordPress management needs, be sure to check out a variety of options – including those we’ve reviewed today! Once you’re pinging your website with the right SEO indicators, you’ll know that you’re on the right path toward SEO prosperity.

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