Drive Additional Blog Traffic With These Four Tips

Generating additional attention for your latest blog posts is a worthwhile goal – why else bother to stream your thoughts and observations if people aren’t reading them? As a blog fills with content and gains traction in search results, a steady stream of visitors can be expected under optimistic conditions.

However, no blogger should be satisfied with the status quo: while search engine traffic is an excellent source of views and clicks, you can take other measures to increase traffic substantially. To guide bloggers toward an easy multi-pronged strategy that boosts traffic, let’s look at four tips you can begin utilizing today to earn more readers.

Target In-Demand Topics

Creating high-quality content above all else helps build a solid foundation in search results. However, driving more traffic sooner rather than later requires actually creating blog posts that pertain to what people are currently seeking. Through a combination of Google suggestions and keyword research and exploration tools, bloggers can quickly determine which searches and phrases in a given niche are currently generating the most interest. Once you are pinging servers with content directly tied to in-demand topics, you’ll be more likely to earn those additional clicks.

Cultivate Your Mailing List

Even small blogs can find inherent value in building out their mailing lists. Here’s a simple truth: people who have already visited your blog are much more likely to return if they are given an opportunity to do so. While many will pursue this via search engine advertising, social media and SEO, email marketing remains one of the most efficient marketing strategies out there. If the primary goal is to increase visitors, readers and other meaningful actions, then building a strong email subscriber base is an absolute must for periodic promotional efforts.

Create Shareable Multimedia

While many blogs are predominantly centered around text-based content, blogs can generate plenty of additional traffic by offering easily shareable multimedia. Offerings such as infographics, podcasts, videos and images not only tend to generate more engagement in general, but they come in easy-to-digest formats that make social media sharing substantially more productive. If the goal is for as many people as possible to be seeing your blog and its content, then opting to use shareable multimedia is a must.

Seek Out Guest Post Opportunities

Guest posting has become all the rage over the past few years, in part because it can have a huge impact on who and how many people are pinging servers associated with any blog. Two main opportunities exists: publishing guest posts written by others on your blog, and contributing your own guest blog content to other websites. In the case of the former, those who create the content will be more likely to share and said content can help you further penetrate various search results. In the latter situation, your contributed content will serve as an outlet to redirect some traffic to your own blog and can help you earn vital backlinks.

Building your traffic portfolio by targeting a variety of audiences and channels only makes sense. By combining the above four tips, you’ll be able to target first-time and recurring visitors on a variety of platforms. Given the nature of competition for most bloggers these days, you’ll need strategies such as these to grow your traffic in the future!

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