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Dr. William Moyal, DC, CCSP

Country: United States

Company: Moyal Wellness Center, LLC.

Business Sector: Medical and health

About Dr. William Moyal, DC, CCSP

Dr. William Moyal, DC, CCSP, is a Certified Sports Chiropractor with 30+ years of treating Elite athletes and patients from 86+ Countries with serious chronic and difficult neck, back, joint, disc and sports injuries.

He is an author (two books to date), seminar instructor, the creator of the Psoas Release Technique™, and the exclusive Moyal Specific 6 Step Protocol™ that is currently being taught to doctors all over world. He was the first Nationally Certified Decompression Specialist in the U.S., as well as, an instructor .

As a result of his expertise in Spinal & Extremity Functional & Dysfunctional Biomechanics, Dr. Moyal has had the privilege of working with patients from 86+ Countries to date, including 5,036 World-Class, professional & Olympic Athletes.