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Spiritual Intuitive Readings:
I specialize spiritual intuitive readings with the use of my home made Oracle cards. I quested for about 15 years to find the perfect images, collecting ideas and symbols, so that these cards would speak to people on a deeply subconscious and spiritual level. The resulting deck is a global collection full of multicultural influences. Each of the 33 cards in my deck represent an important dynamic of human life.

I am also a Trained Meridian Energy Practitioner - I Help Clear Your Mind & Body:
I will Explore the Mysteries of healing with you and share refreshing Meridian Bio-Energy Balancing Healing Treatments that assist you in balancing your mind, body & spirit so you can better heal yourself & identify the things that are holding you back. We can then use Meridian Healing to release negative emotions & thought patterns. (similar to reflexology but deeper into the mind body connection)