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Tony La Puma is one of those rare individuals with an exaggerated sense of responsibility; perhaps this was developed during all those years in parochial school, laboring to complete the "Palmer" penmanship paper. "One thing I did learn", says Tony, or Anthony as his mother and family call him, "is that you stay with something until it is finished. No matter the time or effort needed, you complete the project at hand". In keeping with that sense of responsibility Tony also volunteers one Saturday a month to build handicap ramps and to help those financially and physically disadvantaged with the maintenance of their homes. "I try to give the same quality product to those in need as I do my customers, rather than treat people the way I want to be treated, I strive to treat people the way they want to be treated", says Anthony. To quote his mother, "Your name is Anthony, if I wanted you to be called Tony, I would have named you that"!