Internet Explorer Plugin v46.0.2490.86

The Internet Explorer Toolbar for Pingler is used for pinging URLs to a variety of ping resources directly from your Internet Explorer browser. For use with only.


To install the toolbar:

1. Double click and run the download PinglerToolbar_v0.8.exe
2. Please ensure that ALL other applications are closed before clicking on NEXT at the setup introduction window
3. You will be prompted to choose a destination folder, where to save the toolbar files.  You can leave this as is or if you
prefer an alternative install directory, you may click on BROWSE and choose where to save it to.  When you are ready to proceed, click
4. You will be prompted when the installation is complete and you can then click on FINISH


To use the toolbar:

The toolbar is available freely for all to use.  You do not need to register to use this toolbar.  The only restriction is that you may only ping up to
five URLs a day if you are not a premium member.

Simply click on PING when you want to ping a URL of your choice and you will be prompted to confirm that you want to ping that specific URL

When pinging is in process you will notice the Pingler icon in the toolbar animating and it stops when pinging is complete.


Instruction for premium members:

1. Click on SETTINGS and enter your Pingler username and password.  If you want to automatically add any URL you ping to your Pingler account, please
tick the box.  If you want to be prompted with news from Pingler,  then keep the box for news ticked as well (recommended)
2. If you want to add a URL into your Pingler account you can now do so by clicking ADD

Follow the instructions above to ping any URL you want from your browser.  You will be able to ping the maximum number of URLs allowed in your account.