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Pingler.com Firefox Plugin v1.4.8

Firefox 42.0 has now been released and we have updated our addon to version 1.4.8 in line with the upgrade from Firefox.

This plugin is used to ping new web pages to a variety of online blogs directly from your browser. For use with Pingler.com only.

Plugin Features:

If you have a premium account with Pingler.com, you may

  • Ping and add a URL to your account with one click
  • Add URLs to your account directly from your Firefox browser
  • Ping URLs directly from your browser
  • View the latest news from Pingler.com

If you do not have a Pingler.com premium account, you may use the plugin to:

  • Ping up to 5 URLs from your browser per day
  • View the latest news from Pingler.com


1. Download and save the plugin (.xpi file) by clicking the download button below.

2. Open the saved file directly from your firefox browser by clicking File -> Open File.

3. Follow the instructions provided to install the plugin into your Firefox browser.

4. Your browser will need to restart in order for the installation to complete.

5. Change your plugin options by clicking the right side of the pingler plugin in your browser toolbar. If you have a pingler.com account, enter your pingler username and password to be able to add urls from the browser, and ping unlimited number of urls.